Alaska’s Very Own Brivon Drops Cold New Single “Moon”

Alaska’s Very Own Brivon Drops Cold New Single “Moon”

Brivon, a multidimensional, extremely talented R&B artist has dropped a new single titled, “Moon”, available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube. She is breaking barriers and bringing much-needed musical exposure to her home state of Alaska. 

In this song, Brivon speaks to all hopeless romantics, including myself. The first several seconds of the tune sound haunting, but within seconds you are transported from a horror movie to an Erykah Badu-like melody that captivates your ears immediately. 

She has lots of other work where she shows off different flows, her pen skills, and her amazing voice. She has received thousands of views from her single, “And Ever”,  available on all platforms. Here, she plays around with different adlibs, stacked vocals, and genres, showing her versatility in an unorthodox and whimsical way. 

Brivon is nothing like I’ve ever seen before and I am excited to continue to see what direction she will take her music in next. 

Check her out on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter, and find the audio for “And Ever” below.

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