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Artist Of The Month: The “Sunflower Shawty” Kalenbree Is Ready for The Radio.

Artist Of The Month: The “Sunflower Shawty” Kalenbree Is Ready for The Radio.

The same emerging R&B sensation that brought you “Get Beat Up” and “Decatur” is now gearing up to have her biggest year yet in 2023. If you were to take a good listen through Kalenbree’s discography, you will be easily impressed with her honesty (Patience), wittiness (Black Girl Ed Sheeran) and maturity (1999) that her pen gives.

Blend that with her guitar and her signature look and we got a star on our hands. You probably already have seen her before through her 220k TikTok following and cameos ranging from music videos to the tv screen. However, it’s time to get the Decatur queen on the radio. No worries though, that plan has already been set in motion.

Back in December 2022, Kalenbree, Philly G Steaks, NYAK COGNAC and SpilltheteaTV presented to us the first ever “Blossom Session” at Atlanta’s very own RARE SOUND Studios.

We were treated to performances of a roster of unreleased tracks including Humble and Anemia to test the waters to see what should be her leading single for this year.

We were also given a poll to see which song should be her breakout hit (and of course that choice wasn’t easy). Effortlessly giving personality and passion with each song, Kalenbree is never afraid to give an audience a show and let them become a part of the show too.

I even caught K Camp slide through to vibe out to the “Sunflower Shawty” hits. It is easy to see that she can easily win over fans and I’m sure we will be tuning into our radios this year just for Miss Bree.

To catch up with Kalenbree’s current hits and what she’s cooking up for the future, check her out here:

Twitter: kalenbree

Instagram: kalenbree

Apple Music: Kalenbree

Spotify: Kalenbree

Soundcloud: Kalenbree

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