SZA’s SOS Is A Cry For Help. (Album Review)

SZA’s SOS Is A Cry For Help. (Album Review)

After five years, contemporary R&B singer SZA has released her long-awaited album SOS. This album showcases SZA’s versatility & vulnerability. Having experimented with new sounds, SOS is CTRL’s big sister. SZA talks about her insecurities while dealing with relationships

Realizing that she gave her all in the relationship, and it wasn’t reciprocated, she is coping with realizing the relationship is over and battling with her self-worth. I have come to terms that this album is a cry for help. It is about her intimate relationships but also her relationship with the industry. SZA delivers a little bit of every genre. R&B, Rap, Alternative Pop, and Country.

Let’s get into SOS below.

SOS Breakdown

Nobody Gets Me – The ballad is very soothing. The song is sung over a guitar riff. Similar to a Taylor Swift record. How am I supposed to tell you that I don’t wanna see “How am I supposed to let you go? Only like myself when I’m with you, nobody gets me as you do. The music video is the opposite, and the vibe is NYC sadness.

Special – is the after math of Nobody Gets Me. After breaking up from a toxic relationship you feel worthless and that you have become something you never wanted to, you feel like a loser because you’ve given yourself to a loser. As far as the industry SZA has said this is her final album, I feel as though she has given her all and she’s tired. Its not fun anymore and she doesn’t feel special.

F2F – this song is the most upbeat song on the project. With hard drums and a guitar, it sounds like a rock song. Avril Lavigne would have been the perfect feature. It reminded me of her hit song Complicated. “I fuck him ’cause I miss you,” SZA says in the chorus. The harsh reality of getting under one person to get over the loss of a lover.

Smokin’ On My Ex Pack– it feels as though this song has nothing to do with the title, but SZA hops in her rap bag and gets cocky, letting it be known that she is that girl, and all credit is due to her. She doesn’t sound like she’s trying too hard. I love when singers can pull off rapping and make it sound authentic.

Forgiveless featuring ODB. The Ol Dirty Bastard wasn’t surprising, considering SZA’s name was inspired by fellow Wu-Tang member RZA. The songs sound like a 90’s New York rap beat. I love this song!

Gone Girl – is another masterpiece, with some of the most relatable lyrics, especially after a dark time and living in such a cold world.

“Ain’t nobody telling you about damage, pretending it’s all okay.”

Gone Girl, you better learn how to face these streets.

SZA, Gone Girl

The reality of this song is that no one can truly prepare you for how hard life gets as you grow older. This is one of the essential songs on the project.

Many have said SOS is just pure sad girl music, but songs like Smokin’ on my Ex Pack And Forgiveless say otherwise. I think it perfectly explains what SZA has been going through in the past 5 years.

Stream ‘SOS’ for yourself below.

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