Yung Fazo Releases ‘me vs. me’ mixtape & New Visual For “steal da swag”

Yung Fazo Releases ‘me vs. me’ mixtape & New Visual For “steal da swag”

Yung Fazo is a rising star in the new wave of the underground scene. Fazo returns with the new mixtape, ‘me vs. me’ via Capitol Records. The 17-year-old blends the gleaming sounds digicord nd hyperpop with grimy lo-fi rap beats. Fazo first broke through with 2021’s ‘#frvralone’ Ep. He followed up with 2022’s ‘stranger love vol.1’. Now, Fazo takes his sound to the next level with ‘me vs. me’. To celebrate, Fazo released a visual for mixtape stand out, “steal da swag”.

In addition to “steal da swag”, ‘me vs. me’ also includes the viral sensation “ttwlg (this the way life goes)”. The single first gained traction on TikTok and conquered the SoundCloud charts along with singles, “steal da swag” and “honest”. Out of the new tracks, Fazo’s collaborations with tana and Dom Corleo deliver sing-along hooks and unbridled energy. While “lying again” and mixtape opener “new me” showcases his lyrical chops.

“As a kid it’s always been me against myself… me competing with myself to always be the best at what I was doing. ‘me vs. me’ is the embodiment of who i’ve been…to who I’m fighting to become.”

Yung Fazo

Fazo’s unique sound and hustle mentality has caught the attention from the industry tastemakers, rare groove enthusiasts, sand his peers alike.

Recently, Nav praised Yung Fazo for breaking barriers with his artistry. As well as moving the culture forward within their community.

Fazo’s doing his thing… I’m so happy that I’ve been able to inspire him because it’s not easy being brown.”

Nav in an interview with Our Generation Music

In 2021, Fazo was featured on ,“Antisocial 2”, SoundCloud’s biggest independent release of 2021. Fazo was alongside BabySantana, Slumps6s, SSGKobe and Xhuloo. The break out artist followed it up with the six-track project ‘#fvralone’. As well as 2022’s ‘stranger love vol.1’ which incorporates a smooth R&B vibe. The project helped bring Fazo’s music to an even bigger audience. Now with, ‘me vs. me’, Yung Fazo is set to make an even bigger name for himself.

‘me vs me’ available on all streaming platforms

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