BSF Recruit ElCamino Shines In Hard Hitting Single “80 Bills” Featuring Benny The Butcher

BSF Recruit ElCamino Shines In Hard Hitting Single “80 Bills” Featuring Benny The Butcher

Griselda’s influence is currently everywhere in hip-hop. The success of their sound, evidenced by its ecosystem of talent that has reached wide fandom, proves they’re hear to stay.

With no signs of slowing down, Benny the Butcher – one of Griselda’s founding members – finds himself continuing to push his own label, Black Soprano Mafia, to new levels of success. Founded in 2012, BSF prides itself on being a family-and-fan-first imprint that’s both built to maintain Griselda’s momentum, along with highlighting other Buffalo artists and placing them in positions of increased visibility.

ElCamino, BSF’s newest signee, dropped his first official single “80 Bills” – with a stand out verse that highlights his potential as heir to the Griselda throne.

With this release, Benny the Butcher again demonstrates his versatility – stepping into a more uptempo sonic landscape very convincingly. However, for ElCamino, he sounds right at home, taking full advantage of the newfound spotlight with a stellar verse that’s as confident as it is self-aware (“Don’t let me find out I’m beefing with bums”). ElCamino demonstrates a lyrical capability to hold his own along many of Griselda’s rap titans, but also possesses a style and flow that has the potential to expand the reach of BSF to newer audiences.

The production, which admittedly sounds familiar, is reinvigorated by the Buffalo natives – who’s lyrical and technical mastery makes this a worthwhile listen. ElCamino has steadily released projects since 2017, but this single gets me excited to both see what’s next for the rapper, and the potential impact of Benny the Butcher’s guidance.

Check out the visual for “80 Bills” above.

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