4PF’s Lil Kee Drops Official Video For “Letter 2 My Brother”

4PF’s Lil Kee Drops Official Video For “Letter 2 My Brother”

Lil Kee is next up on Lil Baby’s 4 Pockets Full music label. His new single, “Letter 2 My Brother” is just one example of why he is next to blow up on the 4 Pockets Full imprint.

On his new single, Lil Kee pays homage to his late brother Lamar, hence the name, “Letter 2 My Brother”. Scenes in the music video show Lil Kee at his late brother’s birthday party as well as a cemetery. Rapping with raw emotions over melancholic piano chords and wailing guitar riffs produced by the late Turn Me Up Josh. Lil Kee promises to carry on his brothers legacy.

Lil Kee is making a name for himself in the Dirty South’s prospering rap scene. Hailing from Cobb County, GA (by way of Alabama), Lil Kee stands out due to his ability to redefine and bring his own personal story to, “pain music”.

Drawing comparisons to Lil Baby, it is only right that Lil Kee was hand-picked by Lil Baby for his 4Pockets roster. This is what Lil Baby had to tell XXL.

“I can definitely see him up next. Only thing he gotta do is keep his formula and just keep putting out his music and he got it”

Lil Baby

What’s Next For Lil Kee?

With recent releases, “Catch A Murder” and “Letter 2 My Brother”, Lil Kee is preparing to release more new singles in the upcoming weeks.

With Lil Kee gearing up to release new singles in the coming weeks, a full project by Lil Kee seems to be ahead for the summer according to Four Pockets Full Inc.

Lil Kee seems to have listeners looking forward to new music. His future seems to be bright with comparisons to Lil Baby. With Lil Baby’s support and the rest of the Four Pockets Full imprint behind him it looks like it’s only a matter of time until Lil Kee becomes a household name.

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