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Snøw- ‘I Smoke To Cope’ (Album Review)

Snøw- ‘I Smoke To Cope’ (Album Review)

“In the beginning, it looks like it’s an album about love and heartbreak, but there’s more to it. The album talks a lot about using substances to go through life at a very young age and not being able to stop, despite knowing that it’s not the smartest choice.”


Since his debut three years ago, the self-taught artist has approached every production, songwriting, and collaboration with relentless pursuit of innovation.

That innovation is evident on his debut album. Snøw does a great job of using many different instruments, especially with the use of the guitar in songs like, ‘Down In The Dumps’ (Ft. Jomie) and ‘Another Lie’.

Snøw’s innovativeness also appears right in the middle of the album at track 5 out of 10. He wasn’t afraid to switch up the sound of the album from a chill Lo-Fi sound to a strong bass and rock influenced sound on his song ‘Tox!C’, he even references this switch in sound.

“They know me as the Lo-Fi king, but I switch my flows like I switch my drip”

Snøw on ‘Tox!C’

This album is perfect for anyone going through a rough time. Whether it be a break up, coping with drugs, or it’s just one of those days. The album is relatable and that’s exactly what music is supposed to be.

‘I Smoke To Cope’ is the definition of the saying, “Music gets you through. Although it is a short album, 10 songs and 21 minutes, the album allows the listener to feel every lyric, instrument, and melody. That’s what music is supposed to do, it’s supposed to make you feel. Snøw shows why he is called the ‘Lo-Fi King’.

‘I Smoke To Cope’ out now and streaming on all platforms

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