Deflecting The Bigger Issue: Why Censoring NYC Drill Is An Attempt To Ignore The Bigger Issues New York City Faces

Deflecting The Bigger Issue: Why Censoring NYC Drill Is An Attempt To Ignore The Bigger Issues New York City Faces

New York City is experiencing a new rise in crime, almost every single city police precinct has seen a spike in crime this year. While watching the news you’re almost guaranteed to see a story of someone being shot. Speaking to friends and family no one really feels safe in New York City. Aside from senseless shootings we have a serious homelessness issue and public transportation assaults are becoming as normal as swiping a metro card.

No neighborhood is safe,’ one Brooklyn cop told The New York Post on Tuesday,

According to the NYPD’s Crime Statistics for January of 2022, New York City saw a 38.5% increase in overall index crime compared to January of 2021. Citywide shooting incidents increased by 31.6% (100 v. 76) in January 2022 compared with the same period last year. Robbery increased by 33.1% (1,251 v. 940), and grand larceny increased by 58.1% (4,047 v. 2,559).

With all the crime going on in the city there is also a musical renaissance taking place, titled “NYC Drill”. NYC Drill has captured the rap world by storm producing a new era of New York City rap sensations. NYC Drill is an infusion of Chicago Drill and UK Drill with an authentic New York City street approach.

The subgenre has exploded since it was first introduced in 2017 and has become the dominate sound of the Big Apple. NYC Drill puts an emphasis on beefing with rival hoods and gangs. Dissing fatally slain Ops (enemies) and glorifies being a shooter.

In 2022 alone we’ve seen many of the cities most promising acts lives and careers cut short due to senseless violence. This uptake in violence has prompted many of New York City’s DJ’s, Radio personalities and the city’s newly acquainted Mayor call to pull the plug on “Drill”.

There is a narrative that “Drill” is causing the rise in violence in New York City but is that really the case ?

Why Blaming The Uptake of Violence In NYC On “Drill” is Irresponsible

I believe it is unfair to blame NYC’s rise in crime on “Drill” music. Working closely with music I understand music’s influence over the youth. Whether you want to admit it or not music affects your subconscious mind. Your thoughts create your reality and if you’re constantly feeding yourself violent thoughts you’ll ultimately become a violent person. But what happens when you grow up in a neighborhood where no matter how much you think positive thoughts, you’re surrounded by negative energy?

Many of the artists who are making “Drill” music in NYC grow up in poverty where there’s more guns and drugs than there are opportunities. I see people quick to blame these “lost” kids for joining gangs and boasting about that lifestyle but I think that’s sadly irresponsible. Why are record labels not being held accountable for pouring money into these artists and promoting a criminal lifestyle? Why are New York City officials not being held accountable for not allocating resources to inner city neighborhoods and giving these children better options than the people who raised them had? Why are we allowing censorship on a form of art as if that will stop these poor children from doing what poor desperate people do, which is prey on their own? It’s many issues that are leading to a rise of crime in New York City and many inner cities nationwide.

I think by taking away the ability for these artists to express themselves is one of the last issues we should be focused on.

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