J. Cole Shows His ‘Wrath Of A Reaper’ On Benny The Butcher’s New Single “Johnny P’s Caddy” Ft. J. Cole

J. Cole Shows His ‘Wrath Of A Reaper’ On Benny The Butcher’s New Single “Johnny P’s Caddy” Ft. J. Cole

On January 28th, 2022, Benny The Butcher released his new single “Johnny P’s Caddy” Ft. J. Cole in preparation for his upcoming album “Tana Talk 4“, produced by The Alchemist. J.Cole shows his true lyrical prowess while throwing a few jabs at Benny and any other artist who might ask for a feature with lines like;

“Nigga want me on a song, he gon’ see the wrath of the reaper

I’m prolly gon’ go to Hell if Jesus ask for a feature”

J.Cole on Johnny P’s Caddy

No doubt Cole is making a statement for why he won XXL’s Lyricist Of The Year.

“Any rapper will tell you when you’re working with someone like Cole, it’s like a match of wits; you gotta go crazy, because you know he is. Iron sharpens iron”, Benny commented in his Mac Media statement release. He continues, “You want it to be an environment where someone has the presence to push you. It’s dope!”

Benny on working with Cole

Johnny’s P Caddy references Benny’s father and his Cadillac who Benny describes:

“Was someone who instilled pride in me early when I was young Cadillac, cars, jewelry, and stuff like that. Those was like trophies, he was always known for having that. Nice big shiny Cadillac, he’d pull up an come get me while me and my friend playing football, they’d be like that your dad’s car? Its a whip you wanted to get picked up in.”

“Tana Talk 4” is the fourth installment of Benny’s Tana Talk series that has always documented Benny’s Career. If this is a small glimpse of what “Tana Talk 4” sounds like, we are in for a classic.

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