South Bronx Native Dot Demo New Album “93HUNNIT” Is Out Now

South Bronx Native Dot Demo New Album “93HUNNIT” Is Out Now

Dot Demo is a native of the South Bronx, who has silently become one of the most popular emerging NYC artist. Dot reached over 1million streams on Spotify last year and he’s already in album mode in 2022, with new album “93HUNNIT”. Dot’s latest sixteen track album prolongs the legacy of NYC’s unique art, sound and style.

On “93HUNNIT” Dot reflects on his life story throughout the project, delivering heartfelt lyrics with diverse cadences and creative ad-libs showcasing his diversity as an artist. Dot co-produced two tracks on the album, while his brother RUNITUPDAY! produced nine of the songs.

Aside from rapping, Dot Demo co produced two of the album’s tracks. Don The Jeweler, Pacino Tha Plug, Rizzy 2 Times, Ya Drunk Uncle, Beats By Day, and Stab Production provided production on nine tracks on the album.

93HUNNIT is pretty much an ode to Bronx street culture, intertwining my personal experiences with the overall feel of my area, from my perspective.”

Dot Demo

You can stream “93HUNNIT” at your preferred DSP HERE.

Be sure to check out the visuals for “David Ortiz Freestyle” and “Himalayan Pink” off of the album below.

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