Opevisualz Releases 2021 Director Reel

Opevisualz Releases 2021 Director Reel

Born Kayode Opeifa Jr.,Opevisualz is a Nigerian- American born director , cinematographer and editor. Ope got into editing videos for clients four years ago and put in countless hours in learning how to produce the best quality content. Ope has been fortunate enough to work with a handful of Universities, Independent Artists, Record Labels & City Council members.

Ope created who founded his own production company, Final Focus Films, released a 2021 reel to showcase his versatility in shooting and editing. 2021, was a big year for Ope, shooting the likes of Jay-Z, Cardi B Sally Sossa , Amaru Cloud, Gherbo, Anoyd,Jus Code , Li9, and many others.

His stylitic approach is cinematic and builds on minimalistic attitudes. Ope strives to incorporate hints of vfx and use of vivid colors.

You can check out Ope’s Director’s reel via YouTube below.

You can keep up with Ope and all he has going on below.





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