Bundle Includes A New Unreleased Track “Questions,” All-Access Passes To A Future Show & Autographed Memorabilia

Early this December, Dave East announced the release of The HOFFA Collection. A collection of NFTs based on his collaborative album with Harry Fraud which launched in July.

East declared the release of the NFTs with two separate college basketball cards. Including shots of him in action on the basketball court. These cards are from his time playing D-1 basketball at Richmond and Towson University. The release was so limited that fans quickly snagged the cards. Only six of each NFT were available for purchase for this drop.

On December 14th, Dave East spotlighted the release of the final NFT in his arsenal. The HOFFA Album Card, which highlights the album’s original track-list and cover art, but with a twist. While the NFT everlastingly rotates, “Questions” an unreleased track featuring East and Harry Fraud, plays also.

If you would like to listen to the first 30 seconds of the NFT song, click above. Fans of East were able to listen to the entire song if they bought the $20.00 NFT before 5 p.m. on December 19th. Following the day of release, the NFT will no longer be acquirable for purchase unless resold by individuals on a secondary market such as Open Sea or similar resell platforms. Before the release of “Questions” (Tuesday, December 21st, 5 p.m.) East and Fraud had no arrangements in dropping the song in another format.

“Harry and I talked about finding new ways to engage and connect with our fans. With all the buzz around NFTs, we decided that this was a perfect opportunity for us to test out this market while creating a unique product, something special that is not available every day. At the same time, we made the NFT affordable at $20.00 so ALL of our fans have the opportunity to purchase it and consume music in a new way. A lot of people have heard of NFTs, but don’t know what they are, just that they are very expensive. That was me before I started this process. “

Dave East

Along with the collectibles and the new track, buyers of the NFT had a chance to win all-access passes to an East concert. It also included one of the NFT basketball cards from The HOFFA Collection and autographed Dave East memorabilia.

Listen to the first thirty seconds of the new NFT song by Dave East & Harry Fraud “Questions”: “https://youtu.be/YehZPL1YZRU”

You can purchase the #NFT HERE

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