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Don’t Sleep: Tae Marion Is Putting On For St.Louis

Don’t Sleep: Tae Marion Is Putting On For St.Louis

Tae’rielle Marion aka “Tae” is a female artist from St. Louis, Missouri who is gaining a growing reputation as a rapper/singer. Tae is focused on creating a new more intriguing sound in hip-hop and R&B. Tae bgean writing music at the age of 10 as well taking part in theatre, select chorus, solo performances and other functions.

The St.Louis artist dropped her first single “Forever” featuring Florida sensation Kolyon, which set the foundation as an emerging female artist in 2019.

Tae took a hiatus from music as she was still attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where she was studying to become a pilot.

Marion is now back and better than ever with features and beats from some of the hottest in the game. She recently released a new self titled 9 track album.

I had the chance to speak with the emerging star. You can check out our conversation below.

Growing Up In St. Louis + Musical Influences

As mentioned before Tae was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. Tae recalls her time growing up in St.Louis as being more peaceful than it is now.

While the music scene in her city wasn’t the biggest, she was inspired by St.Louis acts such as Nelly and LA4ss.

Music was always a God given gift to Tae Marion. She can remember always being good at writing in school, papers and essays, so writing was second nature to her.

Tae’s skillfulness in writing can be heard in her lyrics.

” I actually be saying something if you listen.”

Self titled album, & Women in Hip-hop.

Women have become more prominent in Hip-Hop the past few years. We’ve seen major acts such as Cardi B, Meg The Stallion, Rico Nasty, BIA, Flo Millii, Big Latto + a ton more come through and captivate us with their style and musical ability.

Representation means a lot in every field and it gives Tae hope that she can too be viewed in that same light as some of the biggest women in Hip-Hop.

I think the fact that women are being pushed and more recognized in the industry right now is great! Definitely gives me hope 

Tae On Women In Hip-Hop

Tae Marion’s self titled album is a culmination of that hope. The 9 track tape shows off Tae’s artistry and growing lyrical ability as well as her versatility.

Fans can expect to hear a lot of diversity from me on this tape. A bit of me singing, and rapping. Showing my soft side and the side as to why I feel like I’m the hardest female out

Tae Marion on her self titled album

Lessons learned in 2021 + Advice For Upcoming Artist

2021 has been a tough year for pretty much everyone. The world has been shaken up and changed forever due to the global pandemic. However through adversity, you can learn lessons.

Tae learned how to be patient and pace herself this year,

This year has taught me to play my role. Meaning, don’t rush anything, don’t force anything, what’s meant is meant and it’s all about timing.

2021 Lessons

Tae Marion may be an upcoming artist however she did have some dope advice to drop off to other emerging acts.

You NEED! A team. Can’t do it all by yourself, and to stay motivated. Me and my manager talk everyday and motivate each other everyday. It keeps the vision and the momentum going. With faith, anything is possible.

Tae Marion has all the qualities to become a star. It’s going to be a joy to watch her journey unfold.

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