Don’t Sleep: How The Souncloud Era Inspired NYC’s Next Great Producer Chris Saves

Don’t Sleep: How The Souncloud Era Inspired NYC’s Next Great Producer Chris Saves

Chris Saves is a 23 year old producer from the Bronx New York. While many may not know who Chris is yet, you will find out soon. The young Bronx producer is a star in the making. Most notably known for producing tracks “IYKYK” & “Spot Em” for another emerging star out of the Bronx, B Lovee.

Although Chris Saves seems to be a natural at what he does producing wasn’t always the goal. With dreams of becoming a DJ, Chris’s love for music began to grow and the rest is history.

I got the chance to chop it up with Chris Saves… Check out our conversation below.

“I’m really a music head. Anything that goes on in music I probably heard of it or know something about it”.

Back when you can roam the world without a mask, Chris Saves was going to underground raves and concerts in New York City. These shows inspired Chris at the time to become a DJ, due to the affect the DJ had over the crowd.

However as Chris began to listen to more music, he became inspired by D Savage Kanye West, Pierre Bourne & Timbaland. Which led to him making beats himself.

I would say even my beats now or very underground. My heaviest influence is Pierre Bourne. At that time Pierre was at the top of the underground.

Chris began making beats 2 years ago while attending Hunter College in Manhattan where he was studying Biology to become a nurse. There is where Chris truly found his passion for music… through his disdain for school.

I’ll be at school in the library cooking up beats. I should’ve been doing work but I was just focused on making beats and getting better.

Is That Chris? Major Placements, Working With B Lovee, & Duwap Kaine

In 2019 Chris began taking producing seriously. Working closely with emerging Bronx artist Joecaine who Chris states he has up to 30 unreleased songs with.

However his big break came when Duwap Kaine used 2 of his beats for his album “After The Storm” on tracks “Backseat” & “No Autotune 3”.

I used to just send Duwop Kaine beats randomly he would just post his email and I would be like let me just send a pack or 2. I sent him a drill beat and he got on that and I saw Lil Yachty dancing in my video, I knew I had to take it all the way.

The first record that put Chris Saves on my radar was B Lovee’s aforementioned massive hit “IYKYK”. The original beat wasn’t for B Lovee it was for an artist named Polo Perks.

After not hearing back from Polo Perks, Chris Saves sent B Lovee the beat on Instagram and the rest was history.

I would say it started Sample Drill in the mainstream. It showed other rappers if you take a good sample, flip it and do your thing on it shit will go up. The nostalgia allows people to get connected to your music even if people can’t relate to what you’re saying.

The Future Of Sample Drill + Advice For Upcoming Producers

One question that was posed to me by a friend is how long will this trend last and how can these young artist profit off of it? These questions are valid and need to be asked.

The music business can be confusing to those who aren’t knowledgeable and getting sample clearances is paramount in turning a neighborhood banger to a chart topping track.

Chris Saves approaches his sampled beats with intention.

I choose a lot of samples that have been cleared already. And if the record is big enough the label will clear it. Nothing sucks more than having a hit and not being able to live that out.

Chris Saves is considered by many as one of the top upcoming producers in NYC. He dropped off some advice for people on the grind trying to come up.

Life is not about what you need. It’s about getting in where you fit in. It’s about building a brand vs getting paid at first. Take opportunities that are given to you, even if they’re small.

Chris Saves is a music junkie with a passion for making beats, he will be around for a long time and definitely will be a name you hear more and more…. #Don’tSleep.

Stay in tune with everything Chris has going on by following him below.

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