Los Angeles based rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter Malachiii is feeling good and living better on his new single “Free My Soul”. Which dropped on October 26 on all DSP with Motown Records. The buoyant track arrives with a bright music video that finds Malachiii in nature.

Gentle reverb and sprightly electronics provide a colorful backdrop for Malachiii’s message of peace and prosperity. The 25-year-old free spirit isn’t letting the fact “This world could be cold” stamp out his lust for life. Check out the new video on YouTube HERE

The effervescent video for “Free My Soul” helps the song soar even higher. Directed by Nayip, the clip captures Malachiii backing his words with action. In the visual he’s seen eating berries, dances uninhibited in the wilderness, and literally stops to smell the flowers.

“There’s very few people who have a transcendent impact on music, humanity, and culture as a whole,” he says. “That’s the type of artist I want to be.”


“Free My Soul” follows July’s “Love Me” and together the two singles showcase Malachiii’s wild range as a songwriter.He is capable of flipping effortlessly from trap-infused romanticism to bright pop soundscapes. “Love Me” was his debut single for Motown. Before joining the roster, Malachiii was already on a hot streak, thanks to singles like 2017’s unapologetically confident “Do It My Way” in 2017 and the brash “WYM?!,”.

The soaring emotions of “Free My Soul” prove that he’s dedicated to continuing to grow as a songwriter—showing off more of himself to the world with every passing release.

Make sure to keep up with Malachiii by listening to his music here:

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