Shawny Binladen Drops The Deluxe To His “Wickipedia”Album “Wikipedia” (Deluxe)

Shawny Binladen Drops The Deluxe To His “Wickipedia”Album “Wikipedia” (Deluxe)

ICYMI, Queens Shawny Binladen is back with the deluxe for his Wickipedia album. Shawny has quickly built a repetition as one of the hardest workers in the underground scene. Why you may ask? The “Wikipedia” deluxe which is 17 songs deep is a whole new body of work. None of those songs were featured on the aforementioned “Wickipedia” body of work.

Shawny followed a similar format on his “Merry Wickmas” album. The deluxe was an entirely different project than the original. The Queens rapper is essentially giving listeners two projects in deluxe form.

The “Wikipedia” deluxe is filled with more of the “Sample” or “Soul” drill sound that is slowly taking over NYC. There is no clear evidence on if Shawny is the artist to use that sound however he has made it popular and in my estimation, this is the future sound for New York City.

Stream Shawny Binladen’s “Wikipedia (Deluxe) above via Spotify.

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