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Producer E. Dan Releases Funky Lo-fi Instrumental Album

Producer E. Dan Releases Funky Lo-fi Instrumental Album

Play How You Feel by E.Dan
Cover Art for Play How You Feel. Artwork by Mac Miller’s brother, photo provided by Michelle Fafard

Producer and founder of ID Labs E. Dan released “Play How You Feel,” an instrumental record in which he plays with different subgenres of lofi music.

This project sounds like a jazzy lofi beat tape. Everything about it matches that aesthetic, he even draws influences from the same places, namely Asian pop music and modern trap, as a lot of other artists in the same genre. The song “Idekbro” is a perfect example of this. The track features a minor-key piano loop driven by trap drums with what sounds like a mandolin sprinkled throughout. It even includes a saxophone passage which is a staple of modern lofi jazz music.

E. Dan
E. Dan delves into a variety of subgenres of music on his latest project. Photo by Michelle Fafard

Even the few tracks with vocal samples such as “Woozy” read like lofi songs.

Despite delving heavily into that sound, Dan takes the occasional detour into sampling sounds from other genres including synth pop on tracks like “Telemed” and “Werewolf.”

The biggest thing that changes from track to track is more tone than the actual sound. The mood of each song can shift from the action scene of a sci-fi adventure movie like on “Siti” to a relaxing trek through a rainforest-like on “Silence.”

“Play How You Feel” serves as a snappy soundtrack to any sort of activity

Stream “Play How You Feel Here

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