Manchester UK’s Glue70 Drops Jazz Infused Single “Sons Of Time”

Manchester UK’s Glue70 Drops Jazz Infused Single “Sons Of Time”

Manchester’s own glue70 is poised to become the soundtrack to modern life. His historically DIY approach has already garnered him over 30m streams, high-profile industry attention, and a loyal online following.

glue70’s sound is a rich mixture if sounds. Blend reggae, French house, breakbeat and sampled hip-hop and you get glue70.

The future UK star is back with his latest track “Sons Of Time“. Glue’s latest track is a preview of his upcoming EP “Creationism”.

When asked about the meaning of the song, in true cheeky fashion glue replied,

The Sons of Time have been scouting for candidates again, this time Amelia is on their radar after she was spotted performing several acts of kindness; Helping an old lady file her tax return, befriending a lonely squirrel and complimenting the mail man on his shorts. Will she join the gang and travel back to the past? Stay tuned to find out

Check out the psychedelic animated retro lyric video below.

Make sure to stream “Sons of Time” at your preferred DSP HERE.

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