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Don’t Sleep: Chombae Talks On New EP, Growing Up In Minnesota, Moving To LA + more

Don’t Sleep: Chombae Talks On New EP, Growing Up In Minnesota, Moving To LA + more

ChoMbae is an Ethiopian R&B artist based out of Minnesota. Looking to elevate and take the next step in his career, ChoMbae recently relocated to Los Angeles. After relocating, ChoMbae locked in and released new music for the first time in two years in EP, “After The Party”.

The 2 track project is based of off ChomBae’s recent move to Los Angeles, new found love of the city and his experiences of roaming the streets between studio sessions and house parties.

I got to speak to ChomBae about his recent EP, his upbringing in Minnesota, life in Los Angeles + more.

Check out our exclusive conversation below.

Arriving In The United States, Growing Up in Minnesota, Early Musical Influences

ChomBae spent half of his early life in Ethiopia before moving to the US at the age of 11. Once here, ChomBae and his family settled in the suburbs of Champlin, Minnesota before moving to St.Paul. The 22 year old artist describes Minnesota at the time as “Not Diverse”.

We all know what’s going on in Minnesota and has been going in in Minnesota for the longest between the citizens (particularly black) and the police department.

Although ChomBae was able to not fall victim to police brutality, he can recall being racially profiled and pulled over by the Minneapolis police numerous times.

The cops here are 10x worst than any state I believe

ChomBae on the police force in Minnesota

Music however was something that always piqued young ChomBae’s interest. He grew up listening to Chris Brown, Usher, Sean Kingston, T-Pain, Sean Paul, Micheal Jackson, and The Weeknd among others.

Those influences can be heard throughout the “After The Party” EP.

Moving to Los Angeles, Break From Music, After The Party EP

Why not make it big why not chase your dreams and see where it goes.

ChomBae’s move from Minnesota to Los Angeles was a calculated business move. One of the main reasons for the move was exposure. Growing up in New York City it’s easy for me to block out the struggles that many people face trying to make it out of their cities.

Although it is easier to make it from smaller cities now than ever before, the fact remains that if you’re doing something big in the music scene it’s going to require a lot of time being spent in either New York City or Los Angeles.

ChomBae took matters into his own hands and made the full time move to Los Angeles.

Everyone here is chasing their dreams in different ways. We’re all in different lanes but everyone haas the same goal of making it out.

ChomBae on his move to Los Angeles

The move also inspired the 22 year to release his first body of work in 2 years.

After sitting on a ton of music, ChomBae had an idea to release new music inspired by life in LA .

I had an idea, why not give people new music inspired by the new vibes in LA. This is new music I recorded and the people were asking. These are new songs that are inspired by the moment.”

ChomBae on “After The Party” EP

New Music On The Way, Manifesting in 2021 + Jewels

ChomBae revealed to me that he has a ton of new music on the way. There is an album in the works, music videos as well as other EPs. He also let me know some of the things he’s manifesting this year.

“I want to collaborate with a lot of people, building new friendships and reach new audiences. A lot of people I’ve idolized I’m meeting and in the same setting.”

ChomBae also dropped of some “Jewels” for our don’t sleep series.

Don’t expect people to like or love your music. You gotta do it for yourself and it’ll create it’s own audience without you knowing.

ChomBae “Jewels” to artist

For those that’ll sleeping on ChomBae,

“I’m coming harder than ever so if you’re sleeping you gone wake up soon. Don’t sleep on me”.

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