Mach-Hommy Releases New Album ‘Pray For Haiti’ Ex Produced & Curated By Westside Gunn

Mach-Hommy Releases New Album ‘Pray For Haiti’ Ex Produced & Curated By Westside Gunn

Brooklyn rapper Mach-Hommy is one of the best emerging underground lyricists. While many may have never heard of the rapper he’s been on the scene for quite some time. Back in 2010 Mach was apart of the Griselda camp before separating.

However Mach-Hommy and Griselda headman Westside Gunn are back with a new body of work, “Pray For Haiti.

The album features sixteen-tracks of the lyrical and musical genius that Mach’s core-audience of listeners has grown to expect.  Mach has raised the bar once again, and sharing the stage with  Westside Gunn

Mach and I cooked up a Hip-Hop classic with Pray For Haiti!

Westside Gunn 

Pray For Haiti also acts as a charitable service. 20% of the proceeds are going toward the PRAY FOR HAITI TRUST FUND, which will improve schools in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

I had a lot of fun making Pray For Haiti. We travelled some, and made some great memories along the way. But there’s another reason beyond the music why this album is super special. For too many years, I’ve had countless heartfelt conversations with esteemed members of the Haitian Diaspora and the best way to get charitable donations directly to the people. Far too many of us can recall the Millions of telethon dollars “pledged” and, according to all major media accounts, not actually “donated” to those in need. With Pray For Haiti, I want to set an example by donating 20% of all proceeds from streaming, merch, and live performance to the PRAY FOR HAITI TRUST FUND, which will be used to finance computer science education in Haiti—more specifically coding. 

Mach-Hommy on Pray For Haiti

Mach knows the language of tomorrow is coding, or software programming, and want’x to see Haiti as a major player in the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE global employment markets within the next 20-years. Mach wants to help create a University that can train the new leaders of tomorrow. 

With lyrical content, amazing jazz infused production and the overall message and goal attached to the project, Pray For Haiti may be one of your best listens of the year.

You can now purchase and stream Pray For Haiti at your preferred DSP:

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