Raheem DeVaughn And Apollo Brown: Lovesick

Raheem DeVaughn And Apollo Brown: Lovesick

What is soul? Is it love…passion and respect? The answer is quite simple. Although soul cannot be seen to the naked eye, it can be felt, embodied, and shared. Soul cannot be replicated or duplicated no matter how hard others try. Hip-Hop at the surface isn’t soul. But it is the foundation of its composition. Without soul, love itself is simply sex. With it, you get something like Lovesick.

The Passion

Lovesick is a culmination of the creativity of both Raheem DeVaughn and Apollo Brown. The 3x Grammy-nominated singer and one of the industry’s illest producers, teamed up to sonically paint a soulful masterpiece infused with sounds that seamlessly blend the true essence of Hip-Hop and R&B. Recollections of greats like Smokey Robinson, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye lie within the core of the record. However, it stands equally alongside current icons such as The-Dream, Anderson .Paak, and Miguel. While a plethora of memory-provoking influences can be drawn from this project… it stands alone as a centerpiece forged from the eloquent minds of two living legends. 

The Pleasure

Known for his influence on some of the industry’s grimiest projects, Apollo Brown took a left turn from his usual cold form. Lovesick is a testament to Brown’s seemingly effortless versatility and ability to harness some of the purest sounds. The project will makes its debut to streaming platforms under Mello Music Group. 

Both masters of their respective lanes, Raheem’s lustful vocals flowed liked water over Brown’s production. A time capsule for the passionate, the record employs a wealth of emotion and desire. The records underbelly included a soulful sample from Luck of Lucien, Brown’s nod to the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. Nonetheless sealing the albums fate as satisfying and influential.

The Tease

Two singles Zaddy and When a Man served as first impressions for LoveSick. When a Man premiered on Rolling Stones, bathing listeners in all that encompasses one of the industry’s hardest working men. Following its release, Brooklyn Vegan premiered Zaddy.  

This is another soulful RNB release that makes it clear that the Lovesick album will be a summer of love classic.  The lyrical conversation on Zaddy between me and New Orleans Sensation 3D Na’Tee is tastefully sensual.

Raheem DeVaughn

Zaddy is undeniably one of my favorite joints on the album, and one of the earlier songs we worked on that set the tone for the sound of the project.  As always, Raheem displayed his throne on the song, and it was an absolute honor to be blessed by 3D Na’Tee’s greatness. Beautiful music!

Apollo Brown

Namely a living legend, DeVaughn is cultivating a legacy that is built upon the creation of sonic magic. From the DMV… He has sold countless records and possesses the nominations and awards to match the success there of. In the midst of all his accomplishments, Lovesick stands as one of his greatest works! Perfect for any backyard BBQ. A long ride in the car with that perfect someone. DeVaughn and Brown have curated a record that will hold a permanent place on everyones playlists.

Lovesick will debut to streaming platforms on 6/4/2021. With features from Skyzoo, 3D’NaTee, and Shady Records Westside Boogie,

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