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Don’t Sleep: LaLoveTheBoss Wants To Go Against The Status Quo With Debut Single “Monkey”

Don’t Sleep: LaLoveTheBoss Wants To Go Against The Status Quo With Debut Single “Monkey”

With 3.6 million followers and counting on Instagram, it’s hard to call someone slept on. LALoveTheBoss has been able to create a massive following online due to her many talents which include being a social media mogul, music artist, SAG actress, devoted fitness guru, model, and entrepreneur. I got to speak to the 25 year old mogul about her debut single “Monkey”, (which is out today) her record label, and upcoming skin care line.

Check out our exclusive conversation below.


Born and raised in Maryland, LA was raised up listening to old soul music from legends such as Earth Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers, Anita Baker + more.

“I’m young with an old soul.”

Listening to greats from that era which LA describes as the best era of “penmanship” helped her began writing poetry. At the age of 12 LALoveTheBoss began to realize that she could turn that poetry into melody and song form. At age 13 she recorded her first song.

Fast forward 12 years later and LA is ready to release her debut single, “Monkey”.

Produced by Darius “Deezle” Harrison and Eric “88Fingaz” Parham of BoxBangers Productions, Monkey is a bass heavy track that showcases LALoveTheBoss’s confidence.

This path, this entertainment industry is a grind. It’s a lot of work but being consistent and being dedicated on what my passions truly is got me here. This does not happen over night. I’ve been working.

LALoveTheBoss on being in the entertainment industry

12 years may seem like a long time for some, but LALoveTheBoss understands just how much work you have to put in to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Apart of LA’s success is her close knit team. Her mother serves as her manager and helps her run her label “Boss Made Records”.

LaLoveTheBoss Business Endeavors + Her Goal To Go Against The Status Quo.

Boss Made Records is home to LA, her nephew Lil AA The Raper, & Chefboy Light who you can expect to hear music from this summer. Aside from that, the Maryland native is also planning on releasing her skin care line.

Although LaLoveTheBoss is clearly handling business like a boss, there is still people who may look at her beauty and point to that for the reason for her success.

I asked LA what she would have to say to those who may feel she’s only made it this far due to her looks and this is what she had to say.

The proof is in the pie. I really do music. I don’t just write rap records, I write pop records. Songs where I sing. The new music will reflect all that.”

LaLoveTheBoss is definitely breaking the status quo not only for herself but for women following in her footsteps as well.

The message I want to put out is I’m a boss. A women can be sexy and be a boss at the same time.

LALoveTheBoss on her message

LA is definitely gearing up to have a huge summer stream her debut single “Monkey” below.

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