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Don’t Sleep: Levi Bloom Is Apart Of The New Wave Of Kentucky Rappers

Don’t Sleep: Levi Bloom Is Apart Of The New Wave Of Kentucky Rappers

With the emergence of social media and streaming services, indie artists from all over the globe have the chance to gain exposure and fans at any moment. Artists can even break in small markets, such as Kentucky. Although Kentucky may be overlooked when it comes to Hip-Hop talent the “Bluegrass State” is quietly producing some of the hottest acts in the game.

We all know big names like Bryson Tiller & Jack Harlow are Kentucky natives, but emerging rappers such as 2KBABY, EST Gee & Vory all hail from KY. While the former mentioned upcoming acts are receiving most of the attention, there are other artists who deserve some attention.

For the return of our #Dontsleep series we will be highlighting 22 year old Clay City, Kentucky rapper Levi Bloom. Check out my exclusive convo with Levi below.

Levi Bloom

Growing up in Clay City , Kentucky, Levi Bloom’s introduction to Hip-Hop music is not too far different than mine. Levi was put on to rap music by riding around with his father. This is where Levi’s love for rap music began.

My Dad played a huge role introducing me to the genre. I used to cruise around with my Dad, he had 50 and Em’s CD. Old 50 and Em made me love rap.

Levi Bloom on his introduction to Hip-hop

Although Levi’s father introduced him to the genre, as he got older his dad got into different genres and his mom became his #1 fan. “As a kid my mom only let me listen to clean CD’s. Now she’s my #1 fan.”

Being exposed to different genres helped Levi Bloom develop the sound he has today which he describes as “Hip-Pop”

My sound is a mix of Pop & Hip-hop. You don’t have to like Pop to like my music. You don’t have to like Hip-Hop to like my music. Just be a fan of music in general.

Levi Bloom on his sound

Levi’s sound plays a big role into why he’s been able to generate a viral buzz independently gaining over 100,000 views across his Youtube catalog.

That will only continue to grow with the release of his latest single “Slow”.

Levi Bloom’s latest track is based on the “Summer Experience” and a preview of what’s to come next from the young rapper.

Although Kentucky doesn’t have a huge music scene, Levi feels like he is someone who can help put his town on the map.

My goals are even higher than that. I want to show the world who Levi Bloom is and make me a household name. I’m proud to represent Kentucky with greats like Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow.

Levi Bloom on repping Kentucky

Levi Bloom knows that there maybe people sleeping on him however he has a positive attitude towards those and hopes to one day convert them to fans.

“I’m not even mad at em. We about to go hard and give em a reason to wake up. We’re trying to connect with everyone. I think we will, everyone catches on differently.

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