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Don’t Sleep: New Jersey’s Kway Is Looking to Provoke Thought & Change With New “Malcolm Next” Project

Don’t Sleep: New Jersey’s Kway Is Looking to Provoke Thought & Change With New “Malcolm Next” Project

Born and raised in North Brunswick, New Jersey, Kway is a first-generation Ghanaian American, visionary and storyteller that loves to inspire and motivate others. He first discovered his love of writing and creative expression during a self-exploration for purpose in 2017.

During Black History Month, he debuted his project, Malcolm Next. Largely influenced by one of his biggest inspirations, Malcolm X, Malcolm Next dives deep into the complexities of the black experience in America, viewed through the lens of a first generation African American, originally from Ghana.

Kway also created a Malcolm Next post series to accompany the project, where individuals can submit their truth and words of wisdom for the next generation continuing the fight. for justice!

We got to speak on “Malcom Next”, Kway’s upbringing and what it’s like being a first generation Ghaninan American. Check out our conversation below.

Meet Kway

Born and raised in North Brunswick, New Jersey Kway was on a journey to find his pathway to creativity. He attended Rutgers in New Brunswick where he studied Engineering. This is where Kway found his passion of helping and inspiring others.

Growing up in North Brunswick, Kay gravitated more to New York City culture. “Jay and Nas were all musical influences for me.” Being a first get American. Kay always loved Black American culture and wanted to align with it.

Growing up, Kway described himself as a melting pot of influences.

“I like pop culture. Different phases of life I would watch different people. Micheal Jackson was a big one. Allen Iverson’s authenticity and what he stood for changing the culture of the sport. My early listens were DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and as I got older a lot of Cole and Kendrick.”

Being a first generation Ghana American, Kway was introduced to Hip-Hop by his older sister.

“My older sister, had this really big CD case she had all times of music in there. Some of the first people she put me on was Pac. How he would pour his heart out and his social commentary. It was an impressionable time for me. I began to consume the genre and loved it so much.”

However Kway never saw himself making rap music. A love for poetry was converted to Hip-Hop.

“Around 2016 I went on a self exploration journey moved to DC and started to hear more poets and began writing with my friends called. We started “Self Growth Sundays” where we would teach what we learned in poetry and then deliver that poetry to open mics. I built a foundation that turned into rap. It was a way for me to express myself.”

Malcom Next Project & Malcom Next Series

One of Kway’s inspirations coming up was Malcom X. So much so that he decided to his debut “Malcom Next” obviously inspired by Malcom X. With the thought of making people more curious to do research and learn about him.

“Malcolm was at the forefront everything from imagery to skits, speeches included. I wanted to bring  exposure to his work. Not everyone understands how amazing and inspiring his story of redemption was.  I wanted the project to make people curious about him and do more research.  Once I did research on him I realized hoe relevant his speeches were. He was truly a visionary with great foresight I wanted to show how his work is aligned to what’s going on now.”

To coincide with the release of the project, Kwat also started the Malcom Next post series. A place where individuals can submit their truth and words of wisdom for the next generation continuing the fight. for justice. 

This is also another way that Kway feels we can pay homage to abolitionists and freedom fighters in the present day, to empower the future! 

“The thought was to create this platform of positive messages of where we are now and what advice we would give to the next generations. It was meant to be an inspiration and thought provoking exercise. And for people to begin to have conversations. Internal dialogue and convos with people to try to evolve and become better people.”

Moving forward forward we can expect Kway to constantly try to push himself as an artist.

Stream “Malcolm Next” below.

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