100GrandRoyce & 183rd “Triple Crown” album is here

100GrandRoyce & 183rd “Triple Crown” album is here

If you haven’t been paying attention 100GrandRoyce and 183rd have developed a great chemistry. 183rd is one of NYC’S elite producers and 100GrandRoyce is an upcoming rapper with the lyrical ability to become a force. The duo is back with new project “Triple Crown”.

Having the chance to listen to the album early, it is the perfect album to have in rotation as we approach summertime. The soulful feel good samples which are a staple of 183rd’s sound provide the perfect soundtrack for 100GrandRoyce’s lyrically ability to shine.

We were looking at what was going on in Hip-Hop and wanted to put an uptown twist to it. 3rd kept the production soulful but still meant to be played in cars this spring and summer. We went into this listening to a lot of Reasonable Doubt & Mobb Deep. Music and emotions from that era and brought it to 2021.

100GrandRoyce on Triple Crown Album

The concept of Triple Crown is how do you take your losses and come out on the other side ?

Find out by streaming “Triple Crown” below.

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