The Boy Is Back: Review Of Drake’s “SCARY HOURS 2” EP

The Boy Is Back: Review Of Drake’s “SCARY HOURS 2” EP

Drake returned with 3 tracks. Scary Hours 2. The EP is already slated to debut No.1 next week with every song from the EP taking the top 3 spots.

Let’s Get Into It….

What’s Next 

Drake starts off with “What’s Next” a typical catchy Drake song. “I’m making a change today, the liquor been taking the pain away” typical Drake with the 2 lined slogan that everyone will now be singing for the next 2 months.

What’s Next is Drake’s way of telling everyone to mind their business but he’s also keeping us posted on a few things he’s been doing. Then he’s like what more do you need to know? Glamourizing his life, letting us know he’s still “The Boy” and he is living.

“Summer all I did was rest…. Valentine’s Day I had sex, stay tuned in for what’s next.” Enough personal let’s get to business. “Weezy had handed it off I still got no fumbles. I’m on the hot one hundred, numero uno,” Drake is letting us know he’s been at the top since Wayne signed him, still here, and doesn’t plan on letting up.

But if you wanna talk numbers he can go there as well because there’s no doubt he’s going number 1.

Wants and Needs 

This is the hit, this is for the people, the radio, the club, etc. A song that will chart for the next few weeks. What better person to get a feature from than Lil Baby right now? The two hottest rappers on another track together. Long overdue since their first collab “Yes Indeed”. Drake came with the catchy hook “I got sins on my mind, got Ms on my mind, In love with 2 girls at one time” and a cool verse.

The Yeezy name drop was slick but no shade considering their history. “I should probably go link with Yeezy, I need me some Jesus, But soon as I started confessin’ my sins he wouldn’t believe us”.

 Although, I’d have to say Lil Baby stole the show and carried the song. I am not the biggest Lil Baby fan but I can give credit where it’s due. He delivered, his verse, as usual, it was the flow and bars that he bought to the song that captured me.

“I’m dropping hit after hit, I’m just chilling, But I’ll send a hit while I chill with my children.” Once again, he’s letting us know he is not one of them. He also gives a shout-out to Drake’s previous work “I’m screaming out “YOLO”, yeah that’s still the motto”. Showing some Drake inspiration. This is a duo that the people need more of.

Lemon Pepper Freestyle

Assuming the name of the song was thought of after the completion of the song. We all know Ross loves Lemon Pepper wings and Drake also gave them a shout-out in the song. Ross’ verse was great with a couple of bars.“Fat boy, rich nigga, with an appetite” What’s a Ross verse without him mentioning his weight and love for food? We love to see it.

“Practicing social distancing with all these snitch niggas” Snitches have been the talk of the town these days. Also bringing awareness to the global pandemic.

“Death Row, that’s for these niggas, Imma hit em up, Makaveli, its All Eyez on Me” shoutout to Tupac.

Everyone knows that Drake and Ross never miss and Ross was definitely a great addition to the song. But after listening to this song I forgot Ross was on the song. His verse doesn’t even equate to Drake’s 4 minutes of pure spitting. I personally believe this is Drake at his best.

He went back to “Views” and gave me Weston Road Flows vibes. Rapping about taking his son to school.“Yeah, dropped him off at school, big day for my lil man Recess hits, daddy prolly made another M”.  Drake speaking nothing but facts, great balance between fatherhood and business. Still letting us know he can make a M in a couple hours.

He touches on being super famous and having survivor’s guilt. Also having allied with some big dogs, and not really having to do much to protect himself. “To be real, man, I never did one crime. But none of my brothers could caption that line”. Of course, we all already knew this but he’s making it clear, that he is not one of them. His brothers are never too far. He got them out of the mud, it’s only right. “My boy kitchen’s done looking like a four mill.” Of the 3 tracks, this is my favorite for the simple love of rap. 

This was just a warm-up, I am looking forward to Certified Lover Boy and I only hope that we get a few more songs of Drake spitting straight bars.

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