On Repeat Unleashes Streaming Music Video Channel On Roku & Amazon

On Repeat Unleashes Streaming Music Video Channel On Roku & Amazon

Get a nostalgic feel with On Repeat, a startup music video channel on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. On Repeat’s music video channel blends together a diverse playlist across multiple genres. The music video channel is on-demand, which allows you to stream music videos at any time around the clock.
The diverse music video playlist blends together music from multiple genres, including Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Country, and Gospel. Watch your favorite mainstream artists while discovering emerging artists and new music. There’s no genre left behind.
There are other features to be on the look for, such as getting an inside look into talented artists with the Artist Spotlight while tapping into the entertainment happenings in On Repeat’s exclusive interviews. Other genre-specific channels will soon be added.

“We wanted the young youth to experience the old school feel like when we were coming up watching music videos on a channel. I remember when we would come home from school and after finishing our homework, we would rush to watch music videos on the TV in our living room.”

CEO/Co-creator of On Repeat CJ the Visionary ,

On Repeat can be streamed from your laptop, phone, tablet, or Smart TV. If you have the Amazon Firestick, simply look for the channel app to watch. If you have Roku, search for the On Repeat channel app in the store.

On Repeat is bringing back the traditional way of watching music videos such as back in the days with VH1, MTV, BET, and bridging that with today’s forms of watching music videos through streaming TVs and apps. Stream music videos without relying solely on Youtube, without the drama of reality shows, and without the distractions of back-to-back movies.

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