Stream Germany’s Jan Metternich Melodic Track “Dead End”

Stream Germany’s Jan Metternich Melodic Track “Dead End”

Jan Metternich is a 17 year old artist hailing from Germany. Jan just began releasing music a few years ago however he already is primed to be a star. Last year people listened to Jan in over 100 countries. His single “Wrong” also hit 1 million streams on Spotify. Overall Jan gained almost 3 million streams from more than 500 thousand people in 2020.

Jan however has his sights set on 2021 with the release of new single “Dead End”.

The story of “Dead End” actually begins when I was 12 years old and created this guitar riff. I spent more than a month perfecting and turning it into a full beat and song. This song is very personal to me and was inspired by my relationship with a girl who wasn’t good to me and I wasn’t able to love her anymore. Spotify for artist have already showed their belief in me by following me on Instagram.Jan Metternich

Stream “Dead Wrong” below via Spotify.

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