Diamond KUT LLC Playlist: Top Tracks Of 2020

Diamond KUT LLC Playlist: Top Tracks Of 2020

What a year, what year! 2020 will go down as one of the craziest years in history. This will be the year our grandkids ask us about and won’t believe we actually made it through. The world as we know it changed completely. The new way of the world disabled artist to have concerts and tour forcing many to lock in like never before resulting in quality tracks the entire year.

Every region of the country ushered in a new wave of talent while the OG’s solidified their ranks in the game. Although we lost some promising acts this year, there was still enough promising upcoming artist to keep fans excited about the future of Hip-Hop moving forward.

While our Top Tracks Of The Year playlist is mostly comprised of Hip-Hop songs their is elements of RNB sprinkled in to balance out the vibe. Stream our Top Tracks Of 2020 Playlist below and stream our previous playlists HERE.

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