Check Out Georgia Based Rap Duo Kash On Deck’S “Guapanese”

Check Out Georgia Based Rap Duo Kash On Deck’S “Guapanese”

“Gaupanese, if it ain’t bread you can’t talk to me”. Georgia based rap duo Kash On Deck makes their debut on our page with a high energy and in your face video to accompany one of their cult-favorite tracks. “Guapanese”, both visually and musically, illustrates the yin and yang of the group’s two members Braxton and Yvng G. Braxton’s punchy flow and smooth delivery drives the chorus and first verse while Yvng G’s charisma and delivery provides a excellent switch up on the second verse.

The video shows the boys living a lavish, almost college frat star, life as a result of their constant grind for the “Guap”. Boats, cars, girls and their long time friend and collaborator Kai100K all make an appearance, while a vintage VHS aesthetic mixes with great cuts and transitions to carry the viewer through until the end. Coming off of their most recent video “Rocket”, it is clear K.O.D. is stepping up all forms of their production and about to ride a whole new wave of quality releases. Tap in with K.O.D. and see if you too can learn to speak “Guapanese”

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