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Don’t Sleep: Atlanta’s Keeyen Martin Is A Star In The Making

Don’t Sleep: Atlanta’s Keeyen Martin Is A Star In The Making

Keeyen Martin is a North Carolina native who’s sound is said to be a perfect blend of soul and RnB. He has been performing and traveling since the age of 3. Keeyen started his journey in Atlanta when he received the Michael Jackson Scholarship to attend Morehouse University. Keeyen has shared stages with some of the industry’s most accomplished talent such as: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Kanye West, Michelle Williams, Peabo Bryson, KeKe Wyatt, Common, Elle Varner, Lalah Hathaway plus more.

His performance track record is even more impressive. Having performed at The Grammys, BET Music Matters, Essence Festival, Billboard Atlanta plus many more!

When Keeyen is not performing he is working with the Atlanta Music Project where he has worked with over 500+ youth providing voice lessons, music instruction, and training ensembles/choirs to underprivileged youth and young adults.

I got the chance to speak with Keeyen about working with legendary acts, his HBCU undergrad experience, the Atlanta Music Project, & his latest single ” Tell Me Your Name” which dropped today.

Check out our conversation below.

Keeyen Martin Introduction To Music

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t late to the “Keeyen Martin” hype train. Before I confirmed our Zoom call, I had never heard of the North Carolina artist. However after doing some research and checking out some of his music I quickly understood why his record “Girl I’m On The Way” has garnered over 600K streams.

Keeyen’s music has a that soulful touch and relaxing vibe that makes his music enjoyable. When asked about how’s it feel to be well on his way to having that coveted “million” streams on a track, Keeyen had this to say:

Honestly I haven’t thought about it like that until you said it. I’m like wow this crazy! It’s exciting it makes me feel even more motivated and encouraged to create more dope music. A lot of times you get lost in the whole numbers game. It shows me people love what I have to offer and that’s a good feeling. It makes me even more excited for what’s to come because if people are liking that I can’t wait until they hear what’s next.

Keeyen Martin on streams

Keeyen’s introduction to music was church. His mother was a singer and his father was a preacher and locally known for playing piano, song writing and performing. While many kids who grew up singing in the choir may grow up to make Gospel music, Keeyen was exposed to other genres and by high school he made the decision to pursue it as a career. His parents backed the move 100 percent.

The soulful North Carolina artist was directly inspired by Stevie Wonder, Joe, John Legend, Bobby Brown, Mario, Missy Elliot, Timberland & Usher. The way they executed their performances and their styles influenced Keeyen to become the artist he is.

Getting Advice From Stevie Wonder, HBCU Undergrad Experience + Atlanta Music Project

As stated earlier, Keeyen has shared the stage with some of the greatest performers ever. Keeyen got the chance to get knowledge from Stevie Wonder. Although Keeyen’s amazing vocal abilities allowed him the opportunity to perform with Stevie, the connection however was made during his undergrad years at Morehouse College.

Morehouse is one of 10 HBCU’s in the state of Georgia and 1/3 of the AUC. While attending Morehouse Keeyen became best friend’s with one of Stevie Wonder’s sons. Keeyen got invited to a family dinner where he got to speak to the legend one on one.

I’ll never Stevie Wonder calling me to the end of the table, calling me by my name and telling me he loves my voice and wanted to know more about my music

Keeyen Martin on conversation with Stevie Wonder

Morehouse also allowed Keeyen to move from North Carolina to Atlanta. Keeyen became actively involved in the community and started “The Atlanta Music Project”. Atlanta Music Project is a non-profit that works directly with underprivileged and mostly black youth in the Atlanta area. They teach music and performing arts. Keeyen serves as the Vocal Teaching Artist, where he can directly build a relationship with the kids and prep them for life as an artist.

It’s one of the dearest organization’s I’ve been apart of simply because I know what it’s like growing up black and you don’t have the same equipment or books as wealthy predominantly white areas. To be able to offer high level technique when it come to reading music, learning how to sing, learning how to perform to our people I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Keeyen Martin on Atlanta Music Project.

New Music + Lessons Learned In The Music Industry

Keeyen Martin is gearing up for a new EP “KM Vol.1” which is slated to drop in the spring of 2021. However Keeyen is already given fans a taste of the project with new track “Tell Me Your Name”.

It’s my experience on that High School puppy love area. I wanted to make a song about that feeling from a guy’s perspective.

Keeyen Martin on “Tell Me Your Name”

Tell me your name still has elements of should but has more of a pop like production. Which Keeyen loves because it shows off his versatility.

Keeyen also delivered some valuable advice for aspiring artist that persistence, and being your authentic self will ultimately pay off in the end.

Be sure to stream “Tell Me Your Name” Below.

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