Robby Blair New Project, “Certified Influence” Out Now

Robby Blair New Project, “Certified Influence” Out Now

After completing upcoming projects with artists such as C-Lance and King Magnetic, Robby Flair has released his newest project, Certified Influence, that has a new single “Bloody Cypher” that includes a feature from NEMS and Saycrid.

Robby Blair when speaking on Bloody Cypher says :

This is one of my favorite tracks on my album.  One obvious reason is because the Mayor of Coney Island, NEMS is featured.  The other is because of the beat” Robby commented.  “I sampled two of my favorite songs off of CNN’s The War Report, (which is my favorite and most influential album to date) and blended it pretty well.  I had to come correct with this; I hope the fans enjoy this one as much as I do.  It’s very nostalgic.

Robby Blair

Blair talks about the creation of the album as a compilation he’s constructed. He used beats that had an influence on him growing up and put in his own twist. Blair then added producers and emcees that he looked up to that is where the name of the album Certified Influence comes from. He explains that the true meaning behind the album is to inspired by something and to create your own sound, there’s too many duplicates.

Robby Blair’s Certified Influence has just released on 11-10-20 and features appearances and production from Slaine, NEMS, REKS, Rasheed Chappell and Mr. Green among others.

Watch Robby Blair Feat. NEMS & Saycrid “Bloody Cypher” Video:

Tracklisting & Credits For Robby Blair’s Certified Influence:

  1.)  “The Agenda” (Prod. By Robby Blair)

  2.)  “Punch’em In The Face” (Prod. By Mr. Green)

  3.)  “Certified OG Shit” feat. Steelyone (Prod. By Robby Blair)

  4.)  “Attention Span Skit”    

  5.)  “Fight Or Flight”  feat. Slaine & Mr. Green (Prod. By KATO)

  6.)  “Bloody Cypher” feat. NEMS & Saycrid (Prod. By Robby Blair)

  7.)  “Nobody Iller” feat. REKS (Prod. By Robby Blair)

  8.)  “Animal” feat. Volatile (Prod. By Alfa Star)

  9.)  “Poetic Punishment” feat Rasheed Chappell (Prod. By Robby Blair)

  10.)  “Zombie Killer” (Prod. By Kyo Itachi)

  11.)  “My Queens” (Prod. By C-Lance & Prittz)

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