Euro Bands Drops “Freddy” Amidst Having COVID

Euro Bands Drops “Freddy” Amidst Having COVID

Euro Bands is the first generation Serbian-American rapper from Roosevelt Island, New York. Only 20 years old, his distinctive rap style embodies a mature soul, far beyond his years.
As a Rutgers University student, Euro Bands turned his dorm into a recording studio and began laying tracks.

Early influenced by the bold sounds of Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digga,’ Euro Bands said, “He was a huge influence on my love of rap music, but my style is a little different.” He honed his skills in fashioning his signature sound and learned the elements for a hit record, a natural ear for music.

The release of his version of “Da Baby’s Bop” was a success, and his official music video has been viewed over 130 million times on the popular Youtube channel “FUK THEM.” Euro Bands Freestyle “is a unique blend of precise cadence effortlessly matching the beat and lyric storytelling, and the latest release,” Hella Cat “reached over 800K on Youtube, evoking the sound of New York Drill and immediately attracting attention.

A lot has changed since the novel Coronavirus; at Euro Bands’ last on-site appearance, he fell ill with COVID-19. Fully recovered and in collaboration with Rich Blocc Records, Euro Bands targets the newly developed EP “Bandman SZN” to his audience, soon to be released.

Euro Bands latest single, “Freddy,” is the spirit of the “Bandman Movement,” & Euro Bands spits out lyrical power in his latest video. An ode to Freddy Krueger, Euro Bands shows us his musical versatility. Like Freddy, who is almost invulnerable to real-world life, Euro is stuck in a dream.

Lyrically fluid, the serial beat is mesmerizing, and the creepy draws us into the immaculate world merely to explain those typical human vulnerabilities that can be destroyed in our dreams. Only to wake-up from a vivid dream, Euro Bands sees the evidence of his inner demons; marks on his lovers.

Stream “Freddy” below and check out the visual above.


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