L.A. VanGogh Announces the Release of EP 3PC Special

L.A. VanGogh Announces the Release of EP 3PC Special

On Thursday, September 24th Chicago artist L.A. Vangogh released a 3 track EP, “3PC Special”. The project is a quick sample of what’s to come, and features a variety of elements portraying L.A.’s stylistic range.

The quick 3 song EP, serves as an appetizer of flavors displaying various stylistic sides of L.A.. It’s moody, full of lush vocals, lyrically precise, and includes a new side of L.A. with abrasive closing track “2XL Freestyle”.

Hoping to connect to his listeners, L.A. made his cover art interactive. An anonymous white paper bag with a receipt from the very own Captain Cap’s also includes a number that fans can text to contact L.A., and give their feedback of the project directly.

“3pc Special” is a precurso to 10 track project “shpeshftr”. The album will be released as a series over the span of 10 weeks. Tune in for more info coming soon!

Check out the full EP below along with all other relevant links below.


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