Karma Nikole Knows How To “Make Them Mad”

Karma Nikole Knows How To “Make Them Mad”

Karma Nikole is a seductive yet savvy female hip hop artist. Known for her raunchy, in your face attitude. She may be a beauty, but she’s far from your average bubble gum female hip hop artist. Her style is unpredictable but fierce. Any beat she touches is def gonna turn up and get the people going. Lead with women empowerment voice of the baddies. She discovered she could rap at the age of 13 when she began writing poetry which led to putting the lyrics on beats. At the age of 16, she got a microphone tattooed on her forearm.

In the music business she learned that you can’t take anything personal. It’s a business just like any business. You have to believe in your product in order to succeed. She is the product so she has to move as such.

Her most influential rappers while discovering her style was Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Nicki flow always caught her attention with her raw lyrics. While Rihanna’s sense of fashion always reminded her of herself being that anything she put on look outstanding.

Her family supports her through social media and coming to her shows. They give her feedback on everything she has going on. When she would get booked out of state they willingly come along.

Recording “Make Them Mad” was easy and fun. She wrote it in about 2 hours and went the same day to record it in a basement not to far from her house. It took less than a hour to complete . She knew it was a hit because after leaving the studio she sat in her car and listened to it repeatedly for about 3 hours.

She feels very confident in where she’s at right now as a artist. The goals she has set for 2019, she has surpassed which she’s very grateful for. The path she’s on is breathtaking. She feels like she has a strong team behind her and their destined for greatness.

The worldwide black lives matter protest influenced my content tremendously by giving me ideas she never thought of. Her being able to be verbal about situations and empower her followers to stand up for something.

During covid, she’s been perfecting my craft and building relationships through social media. She wrote songs that she probably wouldn’t of thought of with any distractions. Also she been getting all my paper work , trademarks, and copyrights together.

Aside from make them mad she have a song called “I Pray” which is my most personal song . She created it for Mother’s Day for her mom. Letting her know that things will get better and she’s not going to have to work so hard soon . She included all my siblings and expressed our love for her.

As a female in a male dominant industry she stay focused and grounded by silencing the noise. She put herself on the same pedestal as the men because she know she’s just as good. If one door closes she know there’s chances that better ones will open with bigger opportunities. She focus on her own craft and keep her eyes only on her plate which her mom always taught her growing up. Her mom is Jamaican so she was brought up with tough love with a lot of brothers . She hung out with a lot of men so she knows how to avoid a lot of situations.

She will tell any aspiring female rapper or singer to never give up. Even if no one is clapping for you never stop cheering for yourself. Believe in yourself and go after every dream you have. Don’t ever get discouraged and if you do find what it is that motivates you to put you back in a focused mind state. Think outside the box and don’t be scared to fail. She registered to vote and she just started following politics. She’s currently learning the ins and outs.

Check out her new single “Make Them Mad” below!

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