DeevoDaGenius Releases New Instrumental Album “Chop Party”

DeevoDaGenius Releases New Instrumental Album “Chop Party”

Massachusetts producer DeevoDaGenius just released his second instrumental Album, “Chop Party”. The instrumental album is a collection of emotions, and energies presented in some flavored joints.

“My moms always said i always had a natural rhythm since a little kid always kicking my feet and rockin back and forth in my car seat. “Chop Party” is the manifestation of those energies and how they’ve evolved since I was that little kid.”

DeevoDaGenius On Chop Party

Unlike his previous Instrumental Album “A Genius Named Nadiv” Chop Party displays a slightly matured Deevo especially in tracks like “PapasBoogie” which invokes emotions that harps on the struggles Deevo and his father went through.

Chop Party’s artwork was created by Milwaukee native Tay Butler known for his other works with legendary beat makers such as Haz Solo and Jansport J. The projects cover art represents the high energies that the project possesses. The collage artist was able to reconfigure a vintage cover of a Jamaican DJ mixtape into a piece that screamed “Chop Party!”.

The project features samples from an array of different places and time periods that have been apart of Deevo’s life. Some recognizable, some not. These sound bites allow for each track to seamlessly transition amongst one another to create a defined and polished instrumental tape with its own unique identity. This project was dropped as a surprise on May 20th and has already received a large amount of praise, from peers and new fans. Anybody who enjoys multiple genres of music is encouraged to listen to Deevo’s new project, for its refreshing new style of production.

Check out “Chop Party” below.

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