YG Joins Historic LA Protest For “FTP” Visual

YG Joins Historic LA Protest For “FTP” Visual

Compton (Bompton) rapper YG is no stranger to Controversy, in 2016 before the presidential elections he linked with the late Nipsey Hussle for “FDT” an anthem dissing the now president of The United States, Donald Trump.

A few days ago YG helped organize a protest in LA that brought up to 100,000 people together. One of the largest protest in Los Angeles history. Following the protest YG released a new track titled “FTP” (F*ck Tha Police) reminiscent of Compton group N.W.A’s 1988 “F*ck Tha Police”.

It was only fitting that YG used footage from that protest for his new “FTP” (F*ck Tha Police) visual which dropped today. “FTP” is directed by Denied ApprovalShooting, the video being shot in black & white helps capture the emotion of the times and helps it stand out from other videos being released.

The visual fuses shots of the protest with different clips of police brutalizing protesters throughout the country.

One thing for sure is that YG is definitely down for the cause and willing to express that in his music. Check out the FTP visual below and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to hit up YG’s “4Hunnid Pop-Up” in July. Proceeds will be going towards supporting black owned businesses that were effected during these times.

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