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Don’t Sleep: Joshua Benoit Talks New Single “Wet”, The Current State Of R&B + More

Don’t Sleep: Joshua Benoit Talks New Single “Wet”, The Current State Of R&B + More

In the past few years, R&B has reinvented itself, many fans have used the term “dead” to describe the current state of R&B but those fans are just stuck in the past. Like Hip-Hop, the genre which started in the 1940’s continues to evolve and change with the times.

Miami, Florida’s Joshua Benoit is one of many artist who is apart of the new wave of R&B artist who are responsible for bridging the gap between the golden age of 90’s & early 2000’s R&B music and today’s more modern and uptempo elements.

The perfect example, is his latest single “Wet”

Wet was written on the same vibe as “Legs in the Air” my previous song. The team and I wanted it to be steamy, sexy, and aggressive but more upbeat than Legs in the Air.

Joshua Benoit

Joshua began singing in the choir at 12, but being around what he calls “raw talent” in his South Florida neighborhood he was inspired to represent Florida. Listening to R&B greats such as Jodeci, Usher, Chris Brown, Case & Donell Jones the Miami native felt music was his calling.

“Honestly, I feel like it has been a calling for a long time! It was long overdue to finally pursue my music career.”

Artist hear all the criticism that us fans spew out constantly about how R&B is not as good as the past but Joshua feels R&B (& music in general) is in the perfect space right now.

I feel like all music in general, has evolved, we have evolved as artists; and as people, I believe we are right where we need to be, not better, not worse. Right on track for the 2020 style of music.

Aside from making great music a huge share of Joshua’s fans came from his ‘digital cookbook’ & him gracing the cover of GQ Magazine.

Photo Used For Joshua Benoit’s GQ Magazine Cover

The cookbook showed me how to market and monetize properly from my supporters! I just transitioned my marketing efforts to the music now.”

Joshua is the second artist I’ve interviewed with a cookbook, so I had to ask if it was any correlation to making good music and cooking:

“I think there is a huge simile when it comes to tasty romantic desserts and RnB music. Both together give off a steamy sexy vibe and set the right mood.”

Although we’re facing some of the strangest times in all of history, Joshua still says to be on the lookout for about 3-5 more singles, visuals and a possible EP to drop before the year is over.

As Joshua’s star continues to grow he plans on working with Ty $, Chris Brown, Drake, DaBaby, Rihanna, Kehlani, & Tyga.

Aside from his music, the Miami artist wants to leave a legacy of being known for his philanthropy work, entrepreneurship, as well as being a loving, caring, and all-around giving person.

Joshua also left some advice for readers:

The advice I would give to someone reading this article is short and simple. Do not procrastinate, do not listen to others that are trying to switch your plan or goals. Do what you feel is right in your heart and go for it.

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