GeeBaby OutWest Creates Value Through Absence

GeeBaby OutWest Creates Value Through Absence

Lately, the artists in Mississippi have been showing that they can keep up with the rest of the popular states around the country. However, there is one artist out of Jackson, Mississippi who has been showing everyone why he Deserves It.” GeeBaby OutWest began his career in 2018 where he created his own genre of music. Being the only youngsta repping Gangsta in his neighborhood they gave him the name “Baby G“, hints the first part of his name, GeeBaby.

The different situations he went through on a daily basis inspired him to rap about it instead of complaining. His family and the people in his corner played a huge part in helping him create a new wave of music. Even when he recorded his first song, in his mind he knew this was made for him. Working with producers like BillyMakeHits, Cymba, Marquel806, and one of the dopest engineers Tdizzal, GeeBaby believed that through his lyrics the listeners can get through any situation they are trying to overcome. Although GeeBaby freestyles all of his songs, whenever he has writers’ block he doesn’t force it. He allows his mind to be clear and focused.

Walk by faith, not by sight.

When it comes to his visuals, GeeBaby captures the attention of his viewers to keep them coming back for more. His fan-favorite visual to “Positive Vibes“, which was shot and edited by KGThaBest, was the most talked-about visual of 2019. Taking place on the water, cruising with his leading lady, and making sure to keep the focus on his lyrics pulled this video together.

As he shares his insight on the music scene in his city, it’s very envious. It happens in every state where a lot of people hate to see someone making a come up. “The hardest part of being in an artist in Jackson is staying alive. The males are hating and the females are faking.”

Faith without work is dead.

GeeBaby recently dropped his new album “King of the City” earlier this year featuring $hawn $Kully, Keef200, and the late Lil Lonnie. When it comes to doing features with other artists from Mississippi as long as they pay it’s good anything is possible. However, if you take your music seriously, he might do it for free. “I take my craft seriously so if I do a feature for free I rock with you.”

Check out “King of the City” and stream all of GeeBaby OutWest music on all platforms. In the meantime, take a look at his visual to his hit single “Positive Vibes” above.


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