New Jersey’s Rome856 Releases Debut Project “Save The World”

New Jersey’s Rome856 Releases Debut Project “Save The World”

Blazing through Jersey and making its way around the globe is a storm by the name of Rome856 and its trying to Save The World. The young New Jersey rapper is making his mark on the game with his freshman mixtape. With very few features, Rome is proving to be able to hold his own.

Having lost a close friend, Curt, Rome now includes him in most of his work, including the cover art of his tape. Repeatedly being able to bounce back from adversity and losses, he embodies the “LeBron Spirit” of perseverance and navigating through trying times.

Save The World Album Cover

“Road 2 Riches”, takes us on a “Priceless” journey of a dreamer who “Came Up” and is making a name for himself. In the future expect nothing short of excellence from this man as he has bright plans for the future. He is already pioneering the shift from individualism to moving militantly as a collective with even granting novice artist chances of a lifetime, signing them to his record label “Drawn the Label”.

The name itself expresses a blank canvas where artist are free to create fluidly and vividly as long as the work ethic is there. Hard work beats talents, when talent doesn’t work hard is the motto of longevity and Rome856 is definitely here for a longtime.


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