Check Out Spartanburg’s YB Kodeine’s “Motivation To The Streetz” Project

Check Out Spartanburg’s YB Kodeine’s “Motivation To The Streetz” Project

YB Kodeine is a an emerging rapper from the south side of Spartanburg, SC  who doesn’t just see himself as a rapper but as an artist who recently dropped a new EP “Motivation To The Streetz”

Kodeine has been around music his whole life but started taking it serious last year. The SC artists aims to use his music to express what he’s been through and to tell his story to hopefully help someone else push through obstacles of life. He uses his music to illustrate his life and to show if he can do it so can you. 

“ I told myself since I first started doing this I was gonna rap about shit that I really been through and not about shit that I don’t have. I do this for the people who ready to give up and feel like they doing that shit on their own.” 

Motivation to the Streetz is a collection of songs that tells Kodeine’s story, what he been through, how he made it through and how he’s still progressing.

The 8 track project is filled with catchy beats and that southern trap flow that has dominated the genre, with features from 30GKHO & fellow YB member Ybmajor the project is a short but enjoyable listen.

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