Chicago’s NePh Releases New “Enough About Me” EP.

Chicago’s NePh Releases New “Enough About Me” EP.

Chicago artist NePh just released his new 5 track EP titled “Enough About Me”. The project encapsulates a variety of styles that diverge from his recent releases; departing from the lo-fi direction he had been exploring before.

Although a change, the various styles still takes a minimal approach, and let the vibe sit back just as much as the delivery. His low-tone flow inherently creates a personal connection to each track, as he speaks on his day-to-day, his feelings, and his dreams.

The project is a short but enjoyable listen where NePh displays a variety of flows over some atmospheric production handled primarily by Djuniverse with the help of Tgwog and Tiko Marsala.

NePh recruited artists nIgel and B$genius as features on the tape.

Check out “Enough About Me” below.

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