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Don’t Sleep: TJ Murphy Speaks On Producing For Larry June, Future Projects + More

Don’t Sleep: TJ Murphy Speaks On Producing For Larry June, Future Projects + More

Central Florida producer TJ Murphy came onto my radar upon listening to Larry June’sAdjust To The Gameproject. He produced two of my favorite tracks off of the project, “You Can Get Rich” & “A Million Not Enough“. After doing our review on Larry’s latest project we felt it was only right that we got in contact with TJ Murphy and learn more about his come up, working with Larry, his love for skating and future projects.

TJ Murphy

Terence Murphy aka TJ Murphy is a young producer hailing from Winter Park Florida, his passion for music began as early as 8 years old when he began playing the guitar and drums. Growing up a fan of Hip-Hop TJ studied great producers like The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Pete Rock, Dj Premier, Dilla & Madlib which inspired him to began to make beats in high school.

TJ’s producing sound is primarily based of soulful samples which was inspired by The Alchemist’s work Curren$y’sCovert Coupe” tape.

Whenever I first heard The Alchemist’s production on Curren$y’s “Covert Coupe” tape, it was like a light switched on for me. The beats and samples on that tape felt different from anything I’d heard before and the next day I downloaded a version of FL Studio and made it my mission to find vinyl records to sample even though there were no records stores within like an hour of where I lived. I basically ran through every antique and thrift store crate I could find in hopes of making beats that I could hear my favorite artists rap on

Inspired by Alchemist’s portfolio and ability to stay consistent over the decades, TJ began to create beats that he felt was perfect for his favorite artist and started to reach out to them. One of those artist was San Fransisco’s Larry June. TJ stumbled across LJ in 2017 and was immediately impressed by his branding and image.

He preached about financial responsiblity, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, going after what you want independently, and dude was just undeniably fresh. From the music to his car selection, the way he dressed – I really identified with his brand and agreed with what he was saying on his tracks. I put as many people on to him as I could and began making beats with him in mind. 

TJ found Larry’s email on Instagram and began sending him beats on a daily basis. One day on the way home from skating, TJ received a text from a random number saying, “This Larry June. These beats fire – keep doing what you’re doing“. A couple months went by and LJ requested some stems for one of the beats TJ sent him.

To TJ’s surprise, he ws tagged on IG and his name was credited for his “Out The Trunk” tape. Having his first placement alongside producers like Cardo, Harry Fraud and Sledgren justified all the hours he put in and made my parents realize that I wasn’t just in my room “bullshittin'” even though I had just earned a degree.

On his most recent project “Adjust to The Game”, TJ produced the opening and closing tracks “You Can Get Rich” & “A Million Not Enough”. TJ and Larry have built a great working relationship and plan to work more in the future, “Larry knows I’m in it for the long-haul with him”.

Outside of producing, skate boarding is a big part of TJ’s life.  He is apart of Jacksonville’s Permission Skate Shop team. “Skateboarding is a big part of my life and proud to be a part of the shop team along with so many skilled riders. We have a shop video in the works and have been taking several skate trips filming for it.”

TJ is now working on a new project, that is a Flying-Lotus-esque tape, meaning the beats will be a little more abstract, up-tempo, and less sample-based and reflect the current state of the world. “Like most of the world right now, Miami is on lockdown with the current Covid-19 pandemic affecting so many people. This is an unprecented time and I, like most people probably are, am concerned with the lasting effects of this. I’m no expert on any scientific or political matter, but I would like to transfer the feelings I have during this time into an audio form“. 

Aside from working on a new beat tape, TJ Murphy is currently working on some things with newcomer AJ Snow as well as LA artists Westside Blanco and King Envy. TJ still has a goal of working with some of the artist whose production inspired him to produce.  “Getting Curren$y on my beats is a huge goal of mine. I want tracks with Jay Worthy, Freddie Gibbs, Dom Kennedy, & Shoreline Mafia. I’d love to hear Suga Free on one of my beats“. 

TJ is a producer we should definitely keep our eyes on, his production and work ethic has lead him to work with some amazing artist and that trend should definitely continue.

“Big shoutout to Larry June for giving me a chance to let the world hear my beats. Thanks Diamond Kut for reaching out for an interview, I hope this inspires other producers to shoot their shot and stay focused. “

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      TJ Murphy is the real deal. I have never heard ANYTHING like this and I’m old school. This kid kills it and am so excited to hear his future. I’m telling you this kid is gold and I’m all in. Keep it coming TJ. Peace !!!!

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