Rising Virginia Artist Mooochieee Drops New Track + Talks Fatherhood in Hip-Hop, Being Next Out Of Virginia, Getting His First Million Views On YouTube + More

Rising Virginia Artist Mooochieee Drops New Track + Talks Fatherhood in Hip-Hop, Being Next Out Of Virginia, Getting His First Million Views On YouTube + More

Virginia artist Moochieee has built a buzz throughout the DMV music scene with his dope music. His current music video “Say So” has amassed over 280k+ views this month. Today the Empire artist is back with a new single “Tein” featuring KASHMULA.

The single is named after a Dragon Ball Z character that has a third eye in the middle of his his head.

“Ima chase the bag from AM to PM see it through my third eye like Tien”

As you vibe out with Mooochieee’s latest offering above, be sure to check out our exclusive Q+A with the Virginia artist. We spoke about fatherhood in Hip-Hop, being next out of Virginia, getting his first million views on YouTube + more.

Growing up in Richmond Virginia, Mooochieee was surrounded by violence and poverty and faced struggles early on in life which taught him the importance of staying persistent and keeping a positive attitude.

My mom did what she can do to keep food on the table and keep clothes on our back. a lot of friends I grew up with are no longer here, I had to learn to roll with the punches

Mooochieee began rapping in 2016 while doing some time. During his time incarcerated, Mooochieee realized the impact his music can have on others. A song that he was working on called “War” (which was never released) was a favorite among those he did time with. Inmates would sing the hook and ask Mooochieee to perform the song. That only fueled him to go harder and write 3 songs a day while he was locked up.

Although Virginia has produced legendary acts such as The Clipse, The Neptunes, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Missy Elliot the “mother of states” doesn’t have a huge hip-hop scene. However Mooochieee embraces being one of the artist who’s next to blow out of the state as well respecting the artist in his town receiving attention.

Respect to the greats but I’m next. VA in general is starting to blow. Artist like Ball Out Rio videos are hitting a mill, we got a lot of good artist but we don’t get the spotlight we deserve.

Mooochieee attributes his work ethic and consistency for the success he’s currently facing, growing up listening to artist like Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, 2 Pac & J. Cole Moochieee took a liking to poetry and conveying a message in his music.

The thing with music is everyone tells their story. We all talk about something that goes on in our life. Music provides the soundtrack to get away and think for yourself.

When listening to “Tein” you will hear a little babies voice on the intro of the track. That baby is Mooochiees son KASHMULA, who he says is already enthusiastic about music.

That’s my biggest fan. He has so much personality behind music I think he’ll be involved with it one day. Whether it be rapping, A&R, or management 

With Mooochieee’s Say So visual hitting 280K + views in a little over a month Moochiee and his team has made it a goal to reach their first million views on YouTube. That goal has become even more important after the passing of one of Mooochieee closet friends who would always speak about him getting his first million views.

After the release of his latest track, Mooochieees is preparing for a big 2020 filled with a visuals and a project dropping in the summer.

Besides shouting out his homies Dezzy Montana, Lil Sosa, his manager Ghost and his son Mooochieee also dropped some words of wisdom for artist on the come up.

PCD! Promotion, consistency and dedication. Never give up the more you force them to hear you they will get used to you.

Keep your eyes on Mooochieee in 2020 and check out Tien above.

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