Brooklyn's ARTZ Drops 2 New Singles, Being Hit In The Face With A Stray Bullet, Working With Ari Lennox + More

Brooklyn's ARTZ Drops 2 New Singles, Being Hit In The Face With A Stray Bullet, Working With Ari Lennox + More

Like many kids who call New York City home, Hip-Hop plays a vital role in OUR upbringing. We’re surrounded by it, it is as much apart of NYC culture as Grey Brim fitted hats and basketball. It’s just something we do.

Growing up in East New York, ARTZ is no different. Being the child of two parents who were into music, ARTZ was introduced to the game early. Although Brooklyn’s “Drill” is dominating the sound of New York Hip-Hop right now the city remains diverse breeding artist who test all waters of the genres.

ARTZ prides himself on making music the type of music that is different that what people may expect to hear from a young Brooklyn rapper.

Today ARTZ is back with 2 new singles in honor of Women’s history month, “Ms.Tandy & Ms. Bautista“. “Ms. Tandy” is about appreciating the heart and minds of women and how a women company can be therapeutic. “Ms. Batista” is about his high school sweetheart and how he would do anything to be with her.

ARTZ is a walking embodiment of NYC, growing up in East New York but having to commute to Queens daily where he attended school, ARTZ learned early what it takes to make it in the rotten apple.

Growing up in the city especially Brooklyn, it molds you very fast. You automatically jump into competition whether it’s ball or it’s rap it’s competition. Growing up in New York and especially Brooklyn you have to be on your hustle and know who you are. 

Born into a family full of creatives, both of ARTZ parents were into music. His mom was a singer his dad was an entrepreneur, ARTZ was immensely inspired by his family growing up. Although he grew up around parents and uncles who were in the businesses and even were artist themselves he attributes “life’s circumstances” for holding them back and is one reason ARTZ is dedicated to making music.

ARTZ grew up listening to artist like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Andre 3K, Biggie Smalls Nas & Jay- Z which he attributes his belief in creating and expressing himself to.

Referring to himself as the “Anti-Hero” ARTZ embraces imperfection.

It’s like being Wolverine or Punisher you’re a superhero but you’re not perfect. Some days I’m going to smoke some bud, some days I’m going to spit on the curb.  I’m for the people but not above the people.

ARTZ on why he goes by the “anti-hero”

Rap almost seems destined for ARTZ. A few years ago the young Brooklyn rapper moved to Pennsylvania to pursue basketball, but ultimately he began to take rap serious after the tragic passing of his grandfather. Another tragic event would change ARTZ life forever, the day he was hit in the face with a stray bullet.

I was in the hospital and thought was I doing the most to accomplish my dreams and doing the work to reach my greatest potential.

As ARTZ was recovering from his gruesome injury, he realized that he was here for a reason and decided to return back home to New York and begin to work on music 24/7. Upoon returning to New York, ARTZ even bumped into Dreamville’s Ari Lennox while attending a studio session.

We’re both scheduled for a studio session, we met waiting for the session. Started vibing played each other music, I was thinking about a track named “November” which I knew her voice was perfect for. I ran into her again and invited her to a studio session

ARTZ enjoyed the experience of working with such a talented artist and genuine soul.

Priding himself on making music that is vastly different than the drill dominated music coming out of Brooklyn at the moment, ARTZ embraces all the music coming out of the city due to the opportunities it provides artist.

“I pride myself on giving vibes. I can be introspective and a hopeless romantic ,talk from a street prospective or like a Willamsburg hipster but it’s all coming from a East New York perspective”.

There are an array of dope emerging artist who are coming out of New York City, ARTZ is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Check out both “Ms.Tandy” & “Ms. Bautista” above.

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