Haddy Had Returns To Our Page With “Ima OG” Visual

Haddy Had Returns To Our Page With “Ima OG” Visual

Haddyhad is a rising young hip hop artist from the Bronx. Had’ has built a reputation for making feel good tracks that turn up a party similar to Will Traxx.

Haddy Had returns to our page with “IMA OG”. The song was created because he feels that he is an influence to people of all ages. He used the term “OG” because many people come to him for advice on how to create success for themselves or even how to go about chasing their dreams.

Some kids even say they want to be like me, but my advice to them is, don’t be like me, be better than me! That’s Og status.

Haddy Had on “Ima OG”

As for the Older demographic, they see his Grind, motivation and ambition. They converse and teach him things and vice versa. They call him an OG , especially for his generation.

In the visual, Hadd mentors a young kid from his neighborhood and shows him what it takes to be an OG. Most videos today features guns or drugs but Haddy Had is determined to inspire others in a positive manner.

Check out the Jahad Bryant & Adrien Payano co-directed visual above.

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