Revisiting Futures Best Body Of Work “Hndrxx”

Revisiting Futures Best Body Of Work “Hndrxx”

Atlanta Hip-Hop superstar Future is one of the biggest and most influential artist of the past decade. most Some may know him as the “king of misogyny memes” on Twitter and for lyrics that promote violence and drug abuse. But on February 24 2017, the Freebandz rapper released a project that would change most fans perception of the artist.

“Hndrxx” , a 19 track project titled tapping into Future’s “Future Hndrxx” alter ego, spoke on topics that he hadn’t fully focused on in other efforts.

Long time fans of Future can attest to Futures versatility, before the resurgence of his career with the release of “Monster” (the start of one of the greatest runs we’ve seen in Hip-Hop history) Future released easeful tracks like “Turn Off The Lights” “Honest” “I Won” featuring Kanye West.

If you dig deeper you would know that Future is also one of the better song writers of the past decade. Future wrote Loveeeeee Song” for Rihanna (which he is also featured on), the original version for Drunk In Love for Beyonce & Ciara’s “Body Party” among an array of other big records.

So hearing Future get into his “feelings” on Hndrxx wasn’t a surprise for day one fans. On Hndrxx Future opens up about relationships, his insecurities, temptations & the love for his children.

The album opens up with “My collection” and features the line “Even if I f*cked you once you apart of my collection”. Although narcissistic it is very personal. Future is selfish over the women he encounters and that resonates with someone out there regardless of gender.

As you listen to the album Futures emotions are in full display. On “Incredible” Future details the pleasure he feels when he’s around that special someone. There’s also tracks like “Turn On Me” where Future expresses his lack of trust for the person he’s in a relationship with and those around him in general.

On “Solo” Future harps on the great time spent in a relationship but realizing it’s ultimately time to move on but the thought of “letting her down” is weighing on his conscious.

“Neva Missa Lost” shows a prideful side to the Atlanta rapper while “I Thank U” is an appreciative track where he is thankful for all his lady has done to build him.

While listening to Hndrxx every emotion that is felt in a relationship can be felt in each track, Future left the drugs and trap side of himself off of this project and tapped into a different side, a side that was always there but Future never fully dedicated to an album.

I’ll be completely honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of Hndrxx when it initially dropped, I was used to the DS2 Future but as time passed and I matured and went through a relationship I began to appreciate the album.

Future has released a plethora of albums that you can say is his best body to work, many will say DS2 or Monster, but there is no album as complete and emotionally invested as Hndrxx.

Check it out below if you haven’t heard it.

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