Roddy Ricch- Please Excuse Me For Being AntiSocial Album Review

Roddy Ricch- Please Excuse Me For Being AntiSocial Album Review

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know who Roddy Ricch is. The 21 year old Compton California artist name began to ring bells with the release of his 2018 hits “Die Young” & “Every Season”.

Although Roddy’s first project “Feed Tha Streets” was released in 2017 it wasn’t until the release of his second project 2018’s “Feed Tha Steets II” that would make the music world pay attention. Since then, the Compton artist has gone on to work with major artists worldwide for hit records “Ballin” and “Project Dreams” which turned Roddy from upcoming west coast artist to a Hip-Hop star.

Building off all of the momentum created the year before, Roddy Ricch dropped his first major label project in “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial”.

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, is 16 tracks deep and features Gunna, Lil Durk, Mustard, Meek Mill, Ty $, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

The album opens up with “Intro”. An introspective track which Roddy takes us down memory lane. The pain can be felt in his vocals.

“From out the streets became a millionaire, I know niggas who started in the trap and they still there”/ Hop fences from the police, from handcuffs to Rollies”.

Track 2: “The Box”. In an ode to Future’s “Scrape” record, Roddy makes this unique squeaking sound with his voice which actually sounds pretty cool. Seeing the reaction to this song on social media and when it drops in a party this may be the biggest song off the project.

Track 3: “Start Wit Me”. We transition into an uptempo Jetsonmade bop. The 808’s on this track just make you want to turn up. Not to mention the year’s most featured rapper, Gunna joins Roddy making this an instant hit.

Track 4: “Perfect Time”. Now to track 4, Roddy loves the Piano. He actually knows how to play it, and maybe that’s why he so effortlessly floats on these type of tracks. On “Perfect Time” Roddy sings more than he raps showcasing his versatility and why he should be considered an artist and not just a rapper or singer.

Track 5: “Moonwalkin”. I feel this is the perfect collab. Roddy Ricch & Lil Durk are similar in so many aspects, two artists from similar backgrounds who aren’t afraid to express their feelings over somber production. Although I expected a little more out of this track it’s still solid.

Track 6: “Big Stepper”. On Big Stepper Roddy basically flexes his muscles and lays out his future plans. This track resonates with me because like Roddy I also want some stars in my ceiling.

“What I got planned next, got to put the stars in the ceiling”.

Track 7: “Gods Eyes”. Another piano based track where Roddy spills out his heart on the track. Roddy also brags about how high his penthouse is, and that it’s like he’s “looking through God’s Eyes”. What floor is that ?

Track 8: “PETA”. We’ve now entered the halfway point of the project. PETA reminds me of “Area Codes” off of “Feed Tha Sreets II”. Having Meek Mill assist on the track only makes this even more of a banger. The flute has now become my favorite instrument used in Hip-hop.

“I’m rocking furs on furs, I’m probably beefing with PETA”.

Track 9: “Boom Boom Room”: This is my favorite track on the entire tape. Something about this track pulls me in. Maybe it’s the soothing build up of the beat or maybe it’s bars like “I’m a visionary I got these niggas scary/ Been working on my confidence & respect I get a lot of it”. Whatever it is, Roddy simply bodied this one.

Track 10: Elye’s Skit“. As “Ballin” plays in the background I agree with whoever’s talking when they said, “I can’t get that damn song out of my head”.

Track 11: High Fashion”. Okay by now it’s simple, I see Roddy & Mustard I click play. Mustard and Roddy have that Pi’erre Bourne x Playboi Carti like chemistry. Mustard knows what Roddy likes and Roddy delivers every time. The ladies love this track.

Track 12: “Bacc Seat”. The Guitar melody that the tack opens up with already let me know how fire this one was going to be. Not to mention TY $ is featured (we all know what he does for a track) This is Roddy in his best form. This is that song that you turn on and ride around aimlessly with your shorty without a care in the world.

Track 13: “Roll Dice”. I really like this song. Roddy explains that in life you have to take chances hence the name of the title. “I’m star, I’m just sitting in the low light” really hit me because I felt exactly what Roddy means and it equates to the title of the project. Roddy knows he’s a star but the fame is not what he’s in it for.

Track 14: “Prayers To The Trap God”. This song reminds me of another Future track “Feds Did A Sweep”. Roddy retells the story of being in the “Trap” when it was raided and how that traumatic experience affects him to this day. Using a guitar in hip-hop should be reserved for Gunna and Roddy no one kills those type beats like them.

Track 15: “Tip Toe”. This is my second favorite song on the entire tape. I think Roddy and his team tapped my phone, first he collabs with Gunna & Durk now A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. All jokes aside these are two artists that I couldn’t wait to see work together. They compliment each other well. What Roddy Ricch is to Compton is what A Boogie is to NYC.

Track 16: “War Baby”. Let’s give an unofficial assist to the Gospel Choir that helped Roddy on this. I felt Roddy spoke for every child from the ghetto. “I know the worst condition’s make a champion”. This track is perfect for the outro. It’s a compilation of all the feelings he expressed throughout the tape. The feelings over coming up from the bottom, the fame he is now dealing with, and balancing all of that while growing as a man and artist.

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial is a pretty good album. The first half of the album (tracks 1-7) aren’t as strong as the final half (tracks 8-16) but it still shows growth from his previous project. Roddy Ricch didn’t bombard us with features and didn’t drag out the listening with an overbearing track list. Instead he gave us a an album with A1 production, some great features and smooth transitions. Roddy Ricch is a star and this album proves it. As he continues to find his sound and get better with music their is no limit on how far he can take it.

If you haven’t already, give “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial a listen below.

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