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Don’t Sleep: Get To Know Atlanta & Quette Kane Official Tour DJ Soop

Don’t Sleep: Get To Know Atlanta & Quette Kane Official Tour DJ Soop

DJ Soop

There is no question that Atlanta is the hottest city in Hip-Hop, the A is home to DJ’s such as DJ Esco, DJ Genius, & DJ Drama. Everyday the city seems to be spitting out a new viral act. One thing about Atlanta is the unity and how artist are willing to work with one another and make sure that everyone eats B! (Mitch voice). Dj Soop formerly known as DJ Supaman is a product of that environment. The Augusta GA native received his big break from DJ Genius, K Camp’s official DJ and now is Quette Kane’s official Tour DJ. 

I had the chance to interview DJ Soop to learn more about his journey and all things he has going on check out our dope conversation below.
  1. Can you tell us a little about who you are and where you’re from?  

Most know me as DJ Soop (formerly DJ Supaman) I was raised in Augusta,Ga but now I reside in Nawf Atlanta.  

2. What got you into Djing? 

I use to mix songs in my head,djd a few house parties and began investing in people and equipment. From there went on to form my own DJ coalition at Ga Southern University and djd some of the biggest events to occur in our Era.

3. Who gave you your first break, that put you on as a premiere DJ in your city?    

I would have to say DJ Genius (K Camp Official DJ). He put me on so many shows from Drake,Nicki Minaj & Travis Porter Afterparty’s. I use to stay over at his crib and we worked on mixtapes alllllll night. It was draining but long nights is what it take. 

4. How is the music scene in your city?

Who are some premiere artist that’s  buzzing or you believe deserves more attention. I’ve been seeing Lil Keed a lot. Atlanta is so diverse and growing fast so there’s a lot of talent appearing more frequently. I think Roddy Ricch out of Cali really deserves more attention.His music is dope and an inspiration for the real.  

5. What is the one track that gets any party jumping?

“Act Up” by City Girls is definitely the drip right now! Summers approaching and a lot of new hit music is about to get attention so it could all change overnight. 

6. Djing today is different than Djing in the past, back then DJ’s scratched vinyl records now everything is usually uploaded on a software which method you feel is best?

Digital is definitely dope and very convenient in my opinion but if you use vinyl it has a nostalgic feel and the sound is more genuine opposed to digital. I love to scratch on any format really. 

DJ Soop

7. How important is it to have your own sound as a Dj?

Very important because it distinguishes your character but don’t be limited. I’ve been put in situations where I had to play a particular genre of music that I was not comfortable with and still prevailed.You have to be versatile in this game,if not you will be limited to shows and new experiences. 

8.What is it that you love most about being a dj?  

I love looking up at the peak of the party and seeing everyone having a great time.Regardless of your background, where you from or your financial status partying brings unity and a fun environment.It gives people the opportunity to let go, be free and meet new people creating lifelong memories.

9. You are QuetteKane official tour Dj, how did that opportunity come about?

I ran into Quette Kane at a club one night and we chopped it up.He told me about how he was working on some projects and he wanted my creative input. We linked at a studio in Atlanta and the rest is history. 

10. Have you had the chance to Dj a set for them yet?

We recently just got back from Orange Crush in Savannah, we did a private showcase with a set and a day party in Augusta,Ga which were lit. We also did Ga State Homecoming at Turner Field this past Spring.Every show is like a movie, there’s so much energy you don’t know what to expect.

11.Who is your biggest inspiration? / Who do you have a lot of respect for?   

I could easily name a celebrity but that’s not my character.I would say I have respect for any dude who takes care of their kids and family.I grew up in a single parent household to a strong black woman so seeing young dudes like me who take care of their kids and families is very important to me. Entertainment is fun and rewarding but it starts with us being a solid foundation at home, being there for one another. 

12. If you can give a shout out to anybody who would it be?

Big shoutout to God, my AudioATL family, Quette Kane, Nae my accountant and everybody who stayed down. #Bless 

Be sure to follow DJ Soop on Instagram to keep up to date with all he has going on.

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