Don’t Sleep: Get To Know NYC Producer LilzUmadeThis

LilzUmadeThis who also goes by “ML Lilz” was born into hip-hop royalty. The son of legendary hip-hop producer “Showbiz” and Godson to the founder of legendary hip-hop conglomerate “D.I.T.C” Bronx rapper and producer “Lord Finesse” LilzUmadeThis seems destined to do this. Following in the footsteps of his his Dad and Godfather, who Lilz admitted growing up all he heard was “Ya pops & Lord Finesse, them right there man, beast!” Lilz produces as well as raps.

We got to learn more about ML Lilz in our interview.

Can you tell us who you are and where you from ?

My Name Is ML LiLz also Known As LilzUmadeThis . I am A Producer , Artist And recording Engineer.

What songs/projects/artists have you produced for ?

David Bars “Just Got a Bigger Bag” produced by me.

What got you into producing ?

I got inspired to produce by my mentors around me. Also I got tired of rapping to YouTube beats.

Growing up around Hip-hop greats must of had a big influence on you?

All I heard was “Ya pops & Lord Finesse, them right there mannn, beast!”

Did you get to meet any members of The D.I.T.C Crew?

“Hell yea, always surrounded by them”

What producers/sound inspired or continues to inspire you?

I get motivation from Metro Boomin, tm88, Tay Keith and more current producers. when I hear whats being produced it motivates me to make something better myself.

How do you feel about the sound of NYC Hip-Hop and production?

“It could be better, way better but we coming back! We forming again a lot of talent in our city. I feel NYC sound ain’t die out or leave it just got harder to find. It’s a lot of dope producers and rappers that get overlooked”.

Besides your self who else would you say is up next from the city?

I believe David Bars next up out the city!

Do you have anything that you are working on that’s releasing in the future ?

I am currently working on a few projects . I have a couple placements on  “ Mixed Emotions” Album by rapper Tae Banks which debuted in February . I am Also dropping my compilation Tape mid April featuring various artist. Very excited bout that.

If you can cook up with any artist who would it be ?

If I had to work with an artist , I would like to work with Future .

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